Damage system

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It seems the player will only take damage when his stamina is drained, am I right? I guess if this is intended and not a bug, it also applies to enemies?

I had a guy hitting me with an axe, I have quite bad armor (limiting myself) and he swung like 4-5 hits without me taking any damage until he managed to drain my stamina to zero.

That is indeed working as it was intended and the same rules should apply to the AI, yes.

Wow okay that is another thing the game should have told you, I sort of figured it out myself, as when you loose stamina completely you get your ass kicked. But does this mean a naked Henry can survive just as well as one in full plate if he doesn’t allow his stamina to drop? Or does armor give you stamina buffs, have to test this in game because whats the point of armor if stamina is the only factor in taking damage?

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I didn’t notice it until now (After 70-80h) and was uncertain whether it was intended or a bug, so thanks for your reply.

Behemoth has a fair question though. Maybe it’s like this; the more armor you have, the less damage you take when your stamina is drained.

I’m not 100% sure here, so someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the armor reduces dmg to your stamina first and then when it is down to zero, it will reduce dmg done to your health. So basically stamina is a buffer that absorbs dmg, but will also be drained by any offensive action you take, as well as blocking, sprinting and jumping and armor protects both your stamina and health.

stamina depletes you take health damagae. Health damage taken during depleted stamina results in your max stam/health lowering…and so forth until you are dead.
Stamina management is key

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You still take damage even when you have stamina, but it’s only a fraction (<5%) of the damage you take when your stamina is completely drained.

Well I was doing a stealth run and I was in nothing but my underwear and I can tell you that even with a full stamina bar one or two hits and I was almost dead. So armor is needed, but stamina is key. I am often surprised during a heavy fight that I have not lost any health, due to maintaining stamina. But after the fight my armor will be trashed. So I guess you could look at it like this.

If you have no stamina it does not matter what you are wearing you are going to die fast.

If you have stamina your armor, well acts like armor, until it is completely broken, as long as you have stamina you will not take damage, if your armor is above zero.

No armor you take massive stamina damage as well as health it seems and two or three hits and your done.

So keep your armor repaired and don’t overdo it in combat.

At least that is what it feels like to me.

Generally speaking, yes - if you have stamina, you’re not going to take much in the way of damage. However, if the damage dealt to you is quite a bit higher than your armor rating in that particular location, you’ll almost certainly take some damage regardless of stamina levels. This happens most frequently with archers.

and i take it there are also two ‘staminas’, fast one at the bottom and short slow one to the left of the health bar?

No. The Stamina bar is the lower one. The upper right is your health, the upper left used for multiple purposes (horse stamina, enemy health).

ah. i figured the horse stamina part, but not that it could be enemy health. seemed too ‘unrealistic’ to show enemy health in a game like KCD.

I can see your point being that. Stamina is very importen to watch. But i find it so stupid that, even if you are tiredand guy hits you wtih a sword you suddenly take damage as the plate has become ‘‘tired’’ and it will be like metled butter.

If your stamina is low, hits gonna hurt you more, because you can’t resist them. Also damage received depends on how good is your armor. Make sense.

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even if you are wearing full plate and are hit with a sword… Now that is not fair haha. But i see your point.

the effect of depleted stamina is understandable but seems (way) overpowered when armor integrity is still intact