Dark Milanese Brigandine missing from treasure map location

Dark Milanese Brigandine is missing from the treasure map XXII location loot chest. I use to be able to acquire it from this location but now the armor seems to be unobtainable.


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Is everything else spawning properly inside the loot bag?

This also happens to me. The Helmet was missing too in my treasure. But that is not an issue for me, my Henry has claustrophobia :sweat_smile: That said, i am playing on hard mode. Maybe the loot is supposed to be more rare? If thats the case, do you know of any other place to get the brigandine?

Some items have been removed in hardcore.

They are completely removed in hardcore? And there is no other way to obtain them e.g. a trader? That would be sad.

No just from the chests.

You can get them from random events high level enemies between talberg and sasau . Got more than 10 of those from multiple random encounters. Not that rare in my opinion.

Rather common on high level mobs. The only more common chest piece is the Aachen brigantine (in normal bandits) and the heavy lamellar armor (in Cumans).