Day 1 Patch statement


can’t say
for me it would make more sense if its on all platforms


Lets hope for midnight, otherwise i have to wait to play on PS4 until after work tomorrow.


I beleive that you are correct. And that it is the same for all platforms.


if you own a ps4 the pre-download is already 1.02 so your ready to go on release


I have preloaded the game already. But it still says v 1.01 on my PS4. I searched for new patches, but it cant find any.


I guess the patch will be online for release


I just finished preloading my copy on Steam. The Steam client is now informing me that the game will be unlocked in 1 day 2 hours. I’m in N America.


the strange mine says 1.02


Maybe it’s the same version. Just different regions.




Seems to say the same thing


yeah thats strange


just wait what happens tomorrow (maybe another patch)
the game still isnt officially released


Only 1 hour left for me…


I’m playing with the disc version since last friday and it did download 28 GB on friday.
It says version 1.1 and there is no other update available. I’m really confused now.
If you search on Google for the day one patch, it says something like version 1.01 or 1.02
and the size should be 23-25 GB. But there is no 23-25 GB 1.02 patch. Did they name it wrong
or is the patch not available yet? The game needs 55 GB on my PS4 Pro.


Was it released yet? No? Then why you even bother? :slight_smile:


Thank you! I can’t wait to play your amazing game!


Thank you, as an original Alpha tester and backer, I look forward to playing this masterpiece. The game looks stunning.