Dead soldiers... and i didn't kill them--- I hope


Has anyone else had these mysterious circumstances?
I sprinted over to the military camp and sparred, betting money on myself, until I had 400 Groschen. I knew from previous playing that there was a chest by the archery range containing some coin, a bow and 30 arrows, so I slept in the eastern most tent until night, and woke up. There was a soldier to the west of “my” tent with his weapon drawn and staring into the north talking about a a dead body and saying “where are they?”. I searched around in his direction, found nothing. Deciding that it isn’t my problem I crept to the chest and unlocked it and emptied it. I went to the sword master for one more sparring match and found him standing by the campfire closest to the arena, with his weapon drawn and bloodied, staring in the north.
There where five dead soldiers, 2 by his feet and to the left, If you stand in the arena facing the gate the other three are located as such: one on by the NE corner (directly behind the sword master), one floating in the air in a downward dog position by the 2 barrels by the gate of the arena, and one laying on the NW corner. These three where located on the outside of the arena. The moon was a waning gibbous.

Tell me your ideas and theories on how this brutal slaughter went down. In the meantime, I will head north and search for the culprit.


Update: I went north until I hit one of the world boundary fences that cannot be passed, so I took the trail leading to the east. Then the fence started letting me go going north again, until I found more fence blocking my way, a porta potty, and traffic cones laying about. I checked the maps (best thing in the game) and noticed I was near a house I ran to the house and found: A log cabin, the door doesn’t open facing north and smoke pouring out of the chimney.

In front of the house: There is a red and white striped cloth mashed into the ground and a pot knocked off of the tripod above the fire, the chain doesn’t seem broken, just knocked off of it’s S hook towards the west. There doesn’t seem to be any spillage. On the table next to and directly west of the fire(still lit), there is a honey comb, a stack made of a plate and two bowels stacked on top, and two beehives. West of the table there is a a pile of wood that may have once been a cart with a bloody pillow (why are so many pillows bloody?) in the rubble. Against the wall of the house, there is a shelf that holds two beehives, a rope, and a broken wheel leaning against it. There is also a woodpile, a bench and a water storage against the front wall. To the north east of the fire there is a stack of leaves and branches with two large antlers. To the to the east of the the fire there is a clean axe and a large supply of wood under a roof.

On the left side of the house there is a chicken coop with a bucket on it. Running through the coop and bucket from above, there is a line of wood texture constantly changing and moving into the ground. A rubbish heap and a cart.

Behind the the house is another pile of firewood stacked against the house, a clothesline, and a side of a broken cart and broken wheel. There is also some beehives that are carved out of the stumps of trees. Interesting how all the beehives are empty, and it seems people have left in a hurry. On the right side, there is just a wooden ladder. Nothing else.

There is a pathway leading up to the house from behind that is forked from a different trail.In the fork there is a toppled scarecrow lying on a pile of rotting hay. The other prong leads back to where I first encountered the fence earlier the main stem comes from beyond the fence. I will do some more exploration.


I think it’s because of the arena. Soldiers will practice day and night, and if someone get out of the arena mistakenly during the practice and unfortunately get hit outside, then other soldiers will think he was attacked and come to his aid, resulting in what you’ve seen.
P.S. It’s a good way to get a full suit of armor. You drag the body out of the camp into the woods and you can take his armor.


So they killed eachother… lol. How do I drag? I can only carry the bodies.


I assume he means carry and drag as the same thing. You don’t even need to do that. If you want to loot them, loot their weapon, not their body, and you won’t be seen as stealing.


oh yeah, I meant carry…I was playing the elder scrolls recently so…


what do i press to carry?


Get close and hold “E” to carry, or tap “E” to loot. People get agitated if they see bodies being looted or carried for the most part though, so I’m unconvinced it will always help, and you have to walk/pause/walk fairly slowly unless really strong and carrying almost nothing on yourself and the body. Going uphill is difficult and overdoing it causes you to collapse, and you have to pick the body up again.


I murdered a guard and a few game hours later found a rich-looking civilian trying to carry him away from the road I murdered him on. As he did this he asked me “Can you help me out over here?” Or something.