Dealing with the devil bugged?

So I spoke with the women in Ushitz, and went to their meeting place. Talked to the blue dressed one there, and agreed to stay silent whilst following them. Then they just stand around for a few moments, before going back to the village…

Is this a bug?

They keep doing the same retarded thing every time… can anyone help me out?

What I did is just wait at their meeting place.

To be precise, I followed them one time, knew where and when they would go and didnt know what to do, the following night I was just waiting close to the fire behind a tree and waited until something happened, which did.

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they randomly decided to go on with their weird shennanigans…is there any way of staying out of their drung fest?

Have to say…or rather, ask…is there a way to solve this, without blood shed? I kinda feel, when the one woman said, if Gertrud is so worried, she should come with us, that would be the chance to talk to gertrud.

But cou cant.

and after the whole thing is over, you can only talk to Godwin and Gertrud about it and both are giving you crap.

Nope, as far as I can tell this quest just makes people like you less and you just should avoid it, it does give one achievement though, if you are into that kinda thing.

Can confirm someone has to die. Got both bandits to surrender but they just run away then spawn back next to the camp and run away again until you either kill them or move away from the camp, which still ends up killing the women. Also tried various poisons but it ends up the same way, stuck till they die or you run away/let them kill the women.

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This kinda feels like bad quest design, though, as there were several times, where I thought a very obvious thing to do would be speaking with the herb woman,…but nothing was available, or speaking again with the women…not possible, or speaking with the priest.

It feels a bit as if some rather obvious alternate options were just left out.

So many of the side quests in this game should have been taken out completely, with some being added back in at a later date, after many updates and testing.

Take this side quest, for example. It could easily have been expanded upon, becoming a DLC questline in a year or so, but instead it’s half-arsed and tacky, taking away from the overall game experience.

What? Its one of the most good quests in kcd

I killed both woodcutters and completed it with none of the women dying. Took a few attempts but it is possible.

I also had no weapon.

I know it’s two years old topic, but it’s the most relevant one to my problem.
I can’t complete this quest. First I got quest FROM Bohuta, which lead me to Gertuda. She gave me this quest, so I followed every step, persuaded the woman and find out they will go this night to the forest. Sounds great, but I promised Bohuta to go drinking with him. That’s why I showed up to the forest, they saw me, asked me what I’m doing and when I choose, that Bohuta send me, they panicked, left home and said they’ll try it another night. I didn’t care and went drinking with Bohuta.
The next night (or any other night) I can’t complete the quest because one of the woman stands still on the road at the forest entrance and two others are bugged half way to the fireplace with fog.
I can’t speak to them, I waited all night and nothing.
I can kill them, which leads to unfinished quest which is not what I want.

Any suggestions? And no, I don’t want to reload save in which I had only Bohuta’s drinking quest but no Gertuda’s devil’s quest. I’m 2-3 hours forward by this save and don’t want to do all of it again.

The version is 1.9.2 on Xbox One X.