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In little more then a month, we will be able to finally play this masterpiece of a game. But like so many of us, who have backed KCD on Kickstarter now 4 years back, I still have a few questions that hopefully someone can answer.

Will the game be send BEFORE release so all of us who will get it by post will be able to play it on time? I normally get everything in the store so I am sure I can play on release, nobody likes waiting days/a week to finally get it.

Will the extra’s be send along with the game or is it a separate package? Also to be sure, we did cover the cost of shipping with our pledge right, so we don’t have to pay again on delivery?

If the package is missing or some extra’s are not included (for example figurine, soundtrack…), who do we contact if this happens? Do we post on the forum in that case?

How exactly are we going to get Act 2 and Act 3 if those were included in the pledge we paid for?

Thanks again and can’t wait for february to come as quickly as possible so I can play some KCD!


Hello @MrSoKoLoV,

Yes, the Game will be send with all extras before the Release of the game, so it should be on your place on time. It should be! We can´t guarantee about logistics here. It is possible, that it will arrive a bit earlier or a bit later.
An exception of this are Shields and Swords for High backers, they are send seperately.

There are no additional shipping costs. You have to take care about toll, if the package is hold up by your country.

If something is missing, you can contact, but it can take a while till you get an answer. We will get hundrends or even thousands of emails, and we don´t have the staff to answer them all in a short amount of time.

There is a change in the Act structure. We are not developing acts anymore. But there will be a next game at some point in the future. We have no details about that yet.


Thanks very much for the speedy reply, in a few weeks we can finally begin our journey.


Is it true that the game will be activated 13th of February on steam anyway so we would not be able to play it earlier if it arrives prior official release date?
If no, should not we wait on day one patch anyway?
If yes, when exactly will be the game activated in Czech republic? Is it at midnight 12th/13th February our time? I wanna book my vacation properly :smiley:

Thanks @DrFusselpulli


Thanks for the replies. I really enjoy Warhorse Studios openness and connection with the players.


I counted for 13th 0:00. If not, then 12:00 is also reasonable time.


The game is still 1 month away, and many of us are already thinking about Patches, Mods, Dlc’s and KCD 2. Enjoy a short and well deserved vacation after game release, but we all need you back here working hard on all future endeavors. :grin:


I don´t know if you will be able to activate the game before or not, we are still checking our options here.

About the day one patch, yes, it is a good idea to install it before the first start, but it´s not that the game wouldn´t run without it.

I have no idea about your third question.


Super exciting now there’s only 22 days, before the release. I am glad once I receive my stuff, I trusted you guys to complete the project. I have high hopes it’s well received, by the many people just now learning of the game.


Will steam user’s be able to pre-load the game before the 13th?


No, the release date is the 13th of February.


As is standard with steam. Most of not all games get ‘unlocked’ around 7-8pm CET.

We might get the codes earlier but the actual release should be around that time, purely because steam works that way. As far as I know of, a developer has very little influence over that. Something to do with steam servers.


I have my box set, looks awesome. I posted it on the social media, for people to see. Now Im just waiting for my Product code.!


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Silly question, but I’m guessing you’ve checked you’re profile yea?


Yeah I think it’s on the count down timer. I assume we’ll get them in 11 or so hours.


Should be there in 1 hour 40 minutes as that is the official release time.


You should already have your Steam key… It should be sitting in your profile. If you haven’t then I’d follow up


Oh you mean the Beta access version.


Yeah I forgot about how I got my Beta code. I guess you’re right. I got it installing now!


I thought beta is separate. I have the beta version in my steam profile, but not the retail, nor the soundtrack. In my profile it says they’be been added to steam.