DEVS, Option to DISABLE Bandit Camp Dogs

The way they’re implemented is broken for Stealth players.

simply kill the dogs with your bow. the bandits will not react

I’d agree, dogs are definitely broken in the game. They should not be able to ignore almost all melee attacks (honestly they pass through them like the dogs are ethereal), and it should not stop you using the other arm to fight back with when one arm has a dog latched on. I would feel marginally better about how OP dogs are if they’d used a proper wolfhound sized model for the dog in the game. Then yeah sure, having one of them knock you off your feet and start savaging you would be a bad day out. The fact that the dogs in-game are little knee high terriers makes them seem even more OP.
Anyway rant over, to beat them I’d agree use bows or just gallop through to draw them away (they way outrun the bandits) and then kill them when you’re safely far enough out to not get mobbed, then go back in and deal with the bandits.

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I hit a dog with two arrows he didn’t die. I mean seriously the game is ruined by the dogs. What idiot thought putting dogs with every bandit was a good idea. They outrun the bandits hit you and stop you so you are swarmed. The worst is you can’t be anything but a knight now. You can’t even dress like a normal person for fear of being attacked by the stupid dogs.

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