Dialog Choices Flicker At High Speed: Cannot Make a Choice

I’ve only just started playing this game, and already twice I have encountered this bug, at the initial conversation with Henry’s mother and then again with his father. The selection in the dialog choices rotates automatically, nonstop, and if I press or the button on the controller, it’s like I am picking at random. Goes away briefly when I restart, but comes back almost immediately. See clip recording here:

Note that the flickering is moving faster than the screen recorder can capture, so it’s even worse that the recording makes it look.

Edit: Playing on PC (Steam)

Does this issue occur even without the controller (unplugged)?

Yes, it does.

I also have the same Problem , playing through EPIC Games Launcher. Is there a Fix??

Same problem here… Anyone has a solution ? @RedRing0fLife @apataker @Wenceslaus ?

No sorry. This topic is the only time I heard or saw this issue.
Do you play on controller too? I’m not sure if the author of the topic unplugged the controller after the game started or launch the game without it already. Maybe that could change something. Also do you use some kind of key remapper?

I play just with the keyboard, without key remapper.

Have you found a solution to this problem?

I am also experiencing fast flickering during dialogue choices and I don’t know how to fix it.

I don’t have any solution and i don’t know how to contact the
development team