Dialogue animation system


A really amazing tool from CD Projekt Red…


I think that video should be inspiration for warhorse studio.but this dialog system was built by cd projekt red so I fear :scream: it will not be possible in cryengine.warhorse studios may have their own system for dialog animations.


Yes, but everything I saw on video from WH is far away from this! If WH had a tool like this (for the cryengine) they could finish KCD much earlier in a better quality.
Looks like advanced tools are the key to success. To be able to translate all the scenes,… that was breathtaking! With lipsync!
In comparison to this, everything looks antiquated.
The cryengine looks good in the woods (without NPCs), but with animated NPC it looks stiff and snatchy.
Can´t wait for the release to compare… :slight_smile:


That’s no fauld of cryengine in Ryse: Son of Rome animations look quite good.


It seems it depends upon developers


Yes, you are right!
Maybe Ryse handles animations different; as a complete sequenz. And animation in KCD are split into parts and “glue” in realtime together.
In Ryse you have no transition, it looks smoth.


There is some time to go before the release of the game. We should wait and stop compare a finshed game with a game still in beta.


They do keep saying facial animations are done last, so hopefully making them better is apart of why it’s taking until February.


Many developers said they are mostly fixing stuff and that there will never be enough time to make it perfect as they want.