Did I do to little in Skalitz?

Hello folks! I’m just getting into Kingdom Come, and I have just barely started. So far all I have done is what daddy told me, received a basic sword fighting lesson, and then fled town. I have now gotten some food and sleep (and a chat with the lady) at Talmberg. But I have a feeling that I missed something. I don’t have a lockpick, my clothes are a pile of shit, etc. Should I restart or keep going?

Keep going, you did not miss anything important.
This is quite normal. There are ways to have lockpick and even some armour before you get to Talmberg but to me it isn’t worthy.

Just make sure you will train as soon as some characters offer you. But that is further away.


Yeah I agree with keep going but there are some benefits to staying a while longer. Like Wenceslaus said though soon enough (with training) none of it really matters.

There are choices that will make your path slightly different like having lockpicks before leaving Skalitz. But this isn’t any issue.
Just keep picking up stuff, selling it and you’ll slowly grow, just be careful, some places are dangerous to be and you’ll easily get into bad situation.

While in Skallitz during beginning, you don’t need to sleep as time does not progress. There are enough pots to eat from as u still will get hungry. I have used the timestop to level up lock picking and herbalism.

You should remember one thing about the game - there are usually no wrong decisions. Anything you did or didn’t - will have consequences, but usually the goal you should have achieved is either optional or have another way to solve. So go with the flow, keep it natural and keep bunch of saves just in case.

You dont need to restart. Only thing you can do in that town is grab a little extra coin by running around stealing stuff. Level hearbalism to maxlevel before you even head out. And you can get some lockpicks by losing the fight against Kunesh and walking into his house to the chest and get a hint on where you might find some.
But that’s about it!

There are some videos on how to get fully geared in Skalitz and a large amount of cash, but i’d advice you against using that… Since it’s about murdering all the villagers and steal their loot… If u do that, or even if you steal a lot and get caught all the time… The villagers from skalitz wont like you as much when you find them all later… Meaning they wont sell you stuff, you might lose some options to talk to them, or they will throw you mean comments when u walk by.

So if you gonna restart. Pick all the flowers to level your herbalism, sell that to get gold. Fight kunesh and lose on purpose then go grab the lockpicks and level your lockpicking skills on all of the chests around town.

That’s it pretty much.

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You won’t reach maximum level in herbalism at the start in Skalitz.

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