Didn't get a woman's lot

I’am a kickstarter backer (baron tier) and didn’t get the dlc on steam while I got all the others, is this normal?

did you log into the website as you where told to do in the mail you received?

Hello @abbo1993, welcome to our Kingdom Come: Delivernace community. please log into you profile here, while being logged into your Steam account at the same time. Steam will then recognize you as a backer and add the DLC to your Steam library for you to download.

Thank you it worked.

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Hello, it doesn’t work for me. i have linked my account with steam but this DLC appears “not possessed”. I have a baron physical pledge and have bought in stem the “band of bastard” dlc (perhaps should have this one for free too but i didn’t received anything so i paid via steam).

I send you a key for the “A Woman’s Lot” DLC. Please take a look at your PMs.
“Band of Bastards” on the other hand was not for free, so you had to pay for it. :slight_smile:

Same problem here. While my KCD profile says
"Game added to Steam profile
Soundtrack added to Steam profile
Making of video added to Steam profile
A Woman’s Lot DLC added to Steam profile
Fechtbuch aka Combat Academy added to Steam profile ",
the only things I have on steam are

  • The main Game
  • the Art book
    -The OST Essentials
    -the HD Sound Pack
  • Treasures of the past.

Hi. I’m a Kickstarter backer and chose the XBOX One Version. When logged in into my account it says contact the support to get A Woman’s Lot for console versions.



Same here, I contacted them 17 days ago. Still no sign other than the automated reply