Difference between "kill" and "mercy Kill"

When you see someone laying on the ground, defeated…then you normally have the option to press F to pay resp…ah…F to kill him. (sorry ^^)
However, sometimes it says “kill” and sometimes it says “mercy kill”, what exactly is the difference?
At the moment, I think “Kill” means, that he will stand up again, if you don’t do anything (often the option after a stealth knockout) and “mercy kill” means, that he will die anyway, but you can accelerate the process. Is this right, or has this other reasons?

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Yes, exactly.

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Hello Endriago,

what you said is correct, to explain the difference in name; a mercy kill is the act of putting someone/something out of their misery/suffering.

“Kill” appears on enemies who have passed out from a blow to the head or choking. They will eventually get up, unless they’re bleeding and will bleed out first.
“Mercy kill” appears on oponents who are neutralized and will die any moment.