Different graphic after i used alcohol



had anyone same issue as i had? After drink beer or any other alcohol the picture of game world was more clearer and sharper, game seemed much better, but after i “sober up” game become again a bit blur, also shadows were worse, etc.

I think its not because of my PC, it fits requirements for this game (i5-8400, 16 GB ram, RX580 8 GB)

See printscreens


First you are drunk, then you are hangover.


Actually not, Im just drunked in 1st picture (you can see there much better graphic, see rocks or horses. Sharper, cleaner, better shadows and so on) and then im sauber in 2nd picture (without hangover) and in this case is graphic picture worse, not so sharp as in “drunked mode” … Im just asking, if this is normal and if it happens in other PC as well.


That was intentional … makes no sense at all … But that’s what WH thinks it looks like when you’re drunk. :smiley:


Hmm. as there were comments that forest looked somehow better in Beta… what about get Henry drunk and check it out? :smiley:


Hello all,

I just found what was the reason.

If you like “sharper” graphic, command r_sharpening 1 in console will enable it… if you dont like, then r_sharpening 0 will disable this effect :wink:


Thanks amigo!


I got that too. It’s supposed to happen after you’ve had a few.