DLC Code for PS4

Hello there, I am a Viscount Collector’s Digital Edition Kickstarter backer and I haven’t received the code for the PS Store yet even though the DLC is already available for purchase and playing. Can I get some information on what should I do so that I can start playing soon? I saw that the newsletter said to contact support which I did but I was wondering if one of the mods here has some information on the process. Thank you :slight_smile:

Similar situation, backed on kick starter and have logged into my profile and specified I would like the dlc for Xbox one. Just got a generic message on my profile page to say I’ll be contacted after June 11th… Would be nice to get the code in time for the weekend!

Same situation with PS4. When I receive the code?

Same here, I’m on xbxox btw.

same here (ps)
edit: solved

In the end I contacted to support (a message also appeared on my profile asking me to do this), and they’ve since added the code to my backer profile. :slight_smile: