DLC-Free? Pay? Backer only?

*** Apologies if this is in the wrong place, really not sure where to put it.

Okay so I saw tweets from Daniel Vavra about the dog companion and the female playable charatcer/questlines being free for backers, now, I didn’t back this game, I didn’t even know it existed untill nearly launch day, so does that mean I won’t get the DLC? Does it mean I have to pay? If so I feel a little cheated, considering the poor quality of the game at launch, plus the fact that it costs £50 despite its unpoloshed state, I will be expected to hand over more money for DLC? This game still has major issues, the patches have actually made it worse for me, I froze a lot, but never crashed until 1.2 came out, I could understand offering it to the backers if the game was a bit more polished and solid, I mean they did back and they deserve rewards, but the simple fact is I paid full price for this game( I even had to get the special edition as the normal one wasn’t availble) and in return I get a buggy, sometimes broken game, and will be expected to shell out more?

NOTE: Before any of the diehard supports come to crucify me, I would like to point out, I love this game, i really do, its great fun, and yes I could have waited till it was patched a bit, and yes I didn’t have to buy it ect ect ect, But I am allowed to both have bought the game at launch, and still complain about it when there is a reason, you don’t have to agree with me, but don’t attack me either, that seems to be a problem with this forum.

Maybe it’s free for the backers.

Free for backers as far as I know and IMO it should stay that way.

what I know dogs companion are not in game because their AI was rly hard made and if thay choose add like dog who just follow or not they choose not. and you can play only like a henry like everybody else.

mby dogs will be in future but not now…

As far as I can interpret Vavras last Tweet, there will be two Patches in the next two weeks which will cointain lots of stuff which wasn’t in the game + bug fixes. And this will be free for all.

For future DLC’s it’s too early in my opinion to think about what when and if they’re free for all or just for backers.

I think its fair that backers will get it for free since they backed for something they didnt get
whoever bought this game knew that some stretch goals were missed
(unless he didnt inform himself before buying)
In the end it depends on what you get for your money, if you’ll get a dog companion I think it shouldnt be more than 10€ same with tournament mode… but its indeed too early to talk about details.

Yeah but allthough we backed the game and maybe don’t get promised things yet it’s the same for those who bought the game the normal way.

But in the end the backers made something happen and why shouldn’t they get rewarded for it?

So of course as a Backer I think it’s okey to get at least some DLC cheaper or for free, but WH should not jump on that f***ing DLC train to much and concentrate on a good second or maybe third part of this brilliant game.

I did not back this game and I would be more then happy to pay for a DLC. How do you feel cheated? If you did not back this game then nothing was promised to you.
Would you also complain about getting no pre-order bonus if you did not pre-order a game?


I am a backer, but I have backed game very early, in first few days of Kickstarter campaign when there was no stretch goals.
And even for the promise of just 1st act only I believed in Warhorse and I really liked concept of the game. Enough to back them with almost triple of release price of the game (I would love to give even more, but that’s all I could afford back then…).
I’m mentioning this just to point out my point of view on these stretch goals that will be probably added as DLCs.
I didn’t asked for any of them and I’m completely fine If I was even asked to pay for them, as a backer. I’m satisfied enough with what I got (two acts instead of one, great storytelling, script, incredibly detailed and immersive medieval Bohemia etc.), so I take this added things as a little bonus that might interest some people.
But on the other hand I understand that backers who backed game with desire to play as female or have a dog companion deserve to get those for “free” as they backed development years before release.
And even If they backed just with smallest possible amount to get game, thing about this as an “interest” payment for time they didn’t get anything for money they have invested months and years before release :wink:

To close this long and boring post: I really hope that Warhorse studios will make this bonus content free for EVERYBODY, not just backers. That would draw a lot more new players and they would be shining example of how to do it right in nowadays microtransactions and loot boxes ridden games world. Or at least make them as cheap as possible…If these have to be marketed as DLCs…


You also don’t have to buy any DLC,ect,ect,ect. Not attacking you,friend. There are people who backed this game and shelled out a fair bit more coin than you and I. Anyone who did so, did that by choice, without any real certainty, especially the kickstarters, that WH would even get enough backing to finish it. Free dlc is just a way of saying thnk you for keeping the faith, imho.

If there is no dlc to rebuild skilitz l’m not buying.

I think the fact that WH have done so many good things already for the RPG genre I hope they will continue with this instead of adding these shitty DLC’s that are barely worth the money. If I need to pay 50-100 NOK for some dog companion, I might as well go buy something else. If there is ONE huge DLC, and I mean it’s gotta live up to the original game as well, then sure lemme spend like 100-200 NOK.

In Norway the DLC’s can vary in prices from everything from 10-150 or season pass for like 300 or something along those lines.

Regardless I really hope they continue showing how a PROPER game should be. These guys are veterans and know what they are doing. I love the game, kind of annoyed about the little information on the acts/games? Other than that I’m good.

Okay first of I would like to say thank you for you all replying in a nice manner, I have been reading some horror stories about this forum, about diehard fanboys attacking anyone who has even a slight problem with the game, but now onto the meat of this reply…

I understand and even agree that backers should be rewarded some how, and I am usually okay with games having paid DLC, so long as the DLC is not priced too high, after all, you shouldn’t have to pay nearly the price of a full game for DLC, my problem here is that with the state of the game, and let me tell you that the game is in a pretty bad state,its not horrible, but it is clearly still needing a lot of work, and I feel like for what I spent, and I did spend a lot, maybe not as much as backers but £50 is not cheap, I feel like to make up for the various bugs, textures issues, problems, and just general issues that any upcoming DLC should be made free for all, I love this game, I just got off playing my second playthrough, yet during both this and my first I have come across dozens of bugs, some game breaking, texture issues ect, and I feel like this game was released before it was ready, all i am saying is maybe there should be some sort of…compensation for the fact that the game honestly sin’t even close to a finished polished state in my opinion, but if you disagree with me that’s fine, this is just my opinion, and I thank you all for taking the time to discuss this issue with me.

Note: A rebuild Skalitz DLC would actually be a great idea, I am all for this

In a way, buying it early did have it’s rewards. As for the backers who paid for it before anything was even out, the DLCs have already been declared free and for others who bought the very early special edition physical copy after release, they got the current DLC for free aswell.
Asking for the rest of the DLCs to be made free is not likely to happen but being a new company, it can be expected that warhorse will set a reasonable price on future DLCs and avoid all the shady business that some major developers have fallen into.

They were stretch goals, so it makes sense why the backers would get them for free.