DLC Roadmap


That was a head scratcher

Wonder how dependent we’ll be on media debriefs of Tobi/Rick vs hearing directly from WH what the changes are


Yeah for Warhorse. It is amazing, i swear it took them 1 min to create this hard change :expressionless:

As more i read about the DLC’s, i have enough of it.


Debuffs 2mins?


The Debuffs… really, the biggest trash idea for the “Hardcore” mode


Actually, interesting, why Radzig never returned. If he could have ever raised the silver mines back then he could rebuild the castle, probably…


That is a nice looking hat.


Amazing DLC, I just played yesterday with From the Ashes, I see is the result of hard work and great community feedback, with communication in both ways.
I love this kind of additions for overall gameplay, and this game has great gameplay details, thanks for that and I cannot wait, to imagine modding tools, more ideas, more persistent world events and jobs and more content for this amazing game.

I know modding will have some limitations but I think would be a great feedback bridge for Warhorse, and their future games.

I saw that on last updates, fixes or improvements, previously mentioned in mods or feedback, so I think modding is very good for both developers and users.

My developer-side has great expectations about modding in this CryEngine game.

Modding also extend sales periods and overall game Longevity, I wanna see Deliverance on top sales for years, it is well deserved.


Amazingly underwhelming. did it . caused a lot of problems and is once and done not needing to go back


You’re supposed to start it earlier in the game, work hard to make it work while advancing the main story and once it’s done, you’re supposed to keep coming back for the profits so you can finally buy all that cool stuff you’ve always wanted. Have you tried rebuilding Pribyslavitz without doing any corpse looting, poaching or stealing? Now, that is a real challenge.


already had 1.1 million before the the DLC and would’ve had it even w/o the DLC.
Th clothes optional bug is a problem
The messing up of mods that were working before the DLC now causing infinite loading screens is a problem.
If I go back to the hamlet I have to dump the mods just to visit…a problem
No grindstone at my armorer, no tailor, no office, no cobbler…problems


is it possible to make over 100K at an honest living without being a world champion flower and herb vacuum?


You only need about 20k to build up to a forge in Pribyslavitz, so after that you should be getting a steady profit. 20k without crime is a challenge but it’s not impossible mid-game - you can still confiscate opponents’ weapons, sell potions, etc.


I take the challenge. Hardcore mode, no kill/sex, ste and poaching, all debuffs and English only. Main quest through the Ashes rush. I bet it will take me 90 hours as normal mode since I did a lot of grinding which helped me but I stole a lot, killed few and poached only as last resort to get money quickly. This will require a lot of other grinding and still I will need to train my fighting skills just for self defense so I can get out of grip of Cuman ambushers. That’s what I originally planned, but then I accidentally killed guy during fistfight, so I continued killing.


Just awesome one question will pile arms be implemented into game?if not I’m sure I could wait a year for mods


Spell check meant pole arms


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What poleamrs, like jousting on horse?


Short spear so Henry can hunt and kick arse against 4 bandits like be able to carry them outside off town but when ur in town they have to be on ur horse