DLC Roadmap


Doesn’t the first DLC drop today or tomorrow?


I thought that it was a trailer for From The Ashes and a release date for it and hardcore mode this weekend.


I’m pretty sure the roadmap shows from the ashes and hard-core mode dropping about this time.


Yeah just found a reply from @DrFusselpulli to me on here saying it will release at e3 in June and I’m sure WH is at e3 today or tomorrow so it should be dropping. Just getting a little concerned as it’s pretty quite right now normally by now there would be more promoting of this kind of DLC to such a big game and we are not hearing anything yet


It will be published shortly after E3 together will all the information. Yes, Tobi and Rick are presenting it right now to Media in L.A.

I tested the Hardcore mode during the Weekend, and I really liked it. :slight_smile:


Isn’t there a live stream we can watch? Or would someone upload some game play before release and thanks @DrFusselpulli for the quick reply


No, sorry, there will be no news before E3 is over. We want all media report about the DLC at the same time, together with the release of the DLC. Thats also the reason, why it is so quiet at the moment.


Ok I don’t really understand that. I mean surely you want to use e3 as a platform to create hype. Fresh hype for the game, new hype for the DLC and to encourage people who stopped playing due to the early game breaking bugs to take a interest again. Showing some details before release of the DLC is not only common place but most will say a must do so your community and others outside see a small slice of what there buying. Given the history of kcd you surely understand that a lot of people will be wary of buying a DLC for a game with such a bad reputation of bugs. The lack of information also explaining if the DLC is a add on to story or a insert is also a massive worry. I’m sorry @DrFusselpulli but I personally feel information release before the fact is a must. If it wasn’t for this forum and a few YouTubers I’ve subbed to I would have no idea about the DLC…now think of the people who don’t use this forum or have the same YouTubers on there sub list


It will not take very long time anymore, just a couple of days. The important part about news is, that they show something new. In order for that, we don´t want to reveal too much information early, while there are a lot of news of other games during E3.

But here are at least two pictures from the upcoming Hardcore mode:


I do understand that but 2 already shown screen shots is not game play or information about where the DLC adds to the current game. I mean the best information we are getting is it will release soon after e3. Even your last post was “it will not take very long time anymore” basic info like a release date is a must. I love the game and I think war horse are doing the best they can but honestly @DrFusselpulli the worst a studio can do is not keep everyone informed with the key information and to be honest we’ve not even had a release date set in stone for a DLC that’s ment to be released sometime in the next few days…maybe


Why so much impatience? Wait a bit.


It’s not impatience. It’s a need for basic info. Like a release date…Very simple questions with very cloudy answers so fsr


Calm down dude, just wait a few Day´s :grinning:



I’m sorry if it seems like I’m stressed or not in some way calm in fact I’m very chilled out right now waiting for the next fortnite update that of course I know about because they release the info…It’s strange how all I’m doing is asking a very little details and not bad mouthing the game or WH and people think I’m being impatience. I’m not I’m just wanting to know a few minor things about the DLC that and let’s be honest any other studio would have released at the time it was announced. If EA had been in control of a game that was plagued with huge bugs and problems then announced there was a DLC on the way but straight up refused to give details of game play release date or even release price people would be going mad on reddit or YouTube




So, after all the medieval hardcore simulation quests,
perhaps a suggestion for a future dlc …

One by which we all can sit back and relax,
and shape Henry’s own branching story driven by the hard emotional choices to be made in the unforgiven Bohemian world, one where all fights for once will only consist of well timed QTE’s.

Should look something like this …


Thank you for the :rofl: on a Monday morning.


Your welcome.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


great! (10 more characters)


Hardcore Mode = Changed values for incoming and outgoing damage or improved AI?

EDIT: kk, i guess it will be the same crap like FO4. Only adjusted damage values, nothing special! icon_laughing
And the HUD for the mode is ridiculous. Instead of disabling the radar/compass you’ve replaced the cardinal points with a line. 680