DLC Roadmap


Historically speaking, Radzig never returned to Skalitz and the castle was never rebuilt. Also, rebuilding a village is easier than dealing with a town with a castle, so it makes more sense if you just want to send a few loyal servants and a bunch of peasants to do the job.


@Boru9 The preoccupation with Skalitz is simple (maybe)… castles are the epicenter of medieval games, and players want their own castle fantasy.

Does it make sense to go back to Skalitz? No :-1: . Does it make sense to charge Henry with a less grandiose mission [(re)build a hamlet]? Yes :+1:. Do most peeps want a castle or hamlet to sandbox? Castle. :man_facepalming:


I would love to rebuild skalitz in fact when I finished my first play through I didn’t at the time know the game was over and with quests like the kings silver and having to rescue radzig and pick him up in skalitz I felt honestly disappointed that I wasn’t going to be part of the rebuilding. Like a massive hole in my belly kind of feeling of just emptiness. But after learning that it was never rebuilt in real life that made perfect sense. But let’s talk about the place we think it will ask us to help rebuild…that place that begins with p …I can’t spell it. I can help but think why. I mean why bother from what we see in the game is 1 building that’s ready to fall down. Lots of mud and a massive amount of big trees . Plus it’s not on fire. Skalitz is on fire . And what’s the DLC called? :eyes:


Rovna is too


Yep I would be happy doing there as well…still want a castle tho lol


And also Will Grigg…


In the video “more to come” you see prybslablabla rebuild. Very nice!!


A little Sneak Peak of Hardcore Mode


oh wow, hardcore mode looks like a lot of fun. No hints on perfect blocks and TWO permanent negative perks. Also why do i have a feeling that numbskull will be one of the best of the new bad perks to choose and everything else will be just awful :slight_smile: please more sneak peeks at some bad perks pretty please :slight_smile:


I hope all of those are individual options. I can do without the compass, and target cheats, but I don’t think I could get by without having any idea if I was tired or not. That seems a bit extreme to be depriving the player of their basic senses.


oh my gosh, i completely missed that the health and stamina bars and possibly buffs are missing in that comparison shot as well. must have the ability to actually see what are current stats are, agree i am not sure about this yet, guess well have to wait to see what Hardcore mode is all about.


Actually no, blue screen will show up. You need to count how many strikes you can make before going to blue so you learn to calculate more.


All DLC will be on the old map, or in the new territories?


It looks good. But hardcore mode MUST be with a single life. If you play carefully it’s possible not to die. Also, I can’t understand how player (not player character) can retrieve the feelings of the Henry’s body without indications? For example I don’t need “virtual” icon IRL to determine bleeding because I feel it and I can see it. But without UI there must the way to understand what happened to your character with limited perception.


I agree with you that there needs to be some indication. To some extent, the colour of the screen should give the player an idea, but I don’t think it’s enough as there is very little (if any) difference until you reach about 40% health. As for one life only, I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that. It wouldn’t be much fun doing the 6-hour intro over and over again just because you happen to die. You should be able to load your game and continue as normal, otherwise there’d be lots of annoyed players. And you can always delete your timeline after you die if that’s what you want.
What I want from the hardcore mode is mainly a complete overhaul of the economy. I want money to be always in short supply, I want food to be scarce, I want to have to work harder to obtain beds - they should be more expensive and the miller shouldn’t let Henry stay for long (unless you pay him some more, perhaps).


Better idea would be to punish player by decreasing stats after each death. I think game keeps count of that, as for achievements.


Well. Diablo, Path of Exile had/has hardcore mode with single life and millions of players are playing that type of game without complaining and annoying about start from scratch in case of death.

It’s good idea to give a choice for players at the start so they can select preferable options. If player doesn’t want to have single life - he doesn’t turn that option on. Like Thief series has flexible difficulty settings.


Yeah. I can not imagine that, I die often in those games.


If single life is optional, then I have absolutely no problem with it. :slight_smile: But it would be a shame to have to lose the other hardcore options if it’s non-adjustable.


Debuff: on/off
Perks: on/off
Sleep save: on/off
Savior schnapps: on/off
Milestone save: on/off
Battle point respawns: on/off
Vendor (incl lodging) access leveled by prestige gained: on/off
Vendor purchase cap: on/off
Armor access leveled by prestige gained: on/off
Weapon access leveled by prestige gained: on/off
Permanent damage to vitality for each time health <15%: on/off