DLC Roadmap


That’s neat. Thx for sharing

Reminds me of my hometown except didn’t take centuries for it to slide downhill :face_with_raised_eyebrow::slightly_smiling_face:


I hope that the future patches will include fixed accouterments (scabbards, shields with straps, quivers with straps, bow scabbards…)


I hope by the time tournament and band of bastards are released, WH reconfigures the controller so that we can gallop, turn, aim, shoot as in following…


thanks got it


I hope hardcore mode includes some twisted kind of NG+


why compare this game to Skyrim while it’s not comparable !! ??

otherwise I can not wait to continue the adventure, I hope it will be a continuation of Henry’s adventure ^^


When is the release of from the ashes?? I need more game play lol


Around E3 in June :slight_smile:


Great news, specially if DLCs are quest based like acts, good quests based expansions with hours of content comes and mod support emerges.

A more persistent world with NPCs, random encounters and more diverse radiant quests with DLC expansions for example.

@frelMedieval, from #123, I agree, and better horse combat (mounted NPCs too), and add a mode, modifying how attacks work without “toggle objective”, more like (dark Messiah or Mount and Blade), but obviously more realistic and slow.

See ya’ll in June (E3) :3


Really looking forward to the DLCs and any other content that will come.

So I see they announced some DLC.....?

Hello! When will the support for mods, is it possible to return the graphics and vegetation that was in the beta version of the game?


Hardcore mode with no saves and single life. I’ve got orgasm. Seriously.


So here’s my question will the DLC like rebuild from ashes or what ever it’s called be a add on to game? I mean can i download it and use the Henry I’ve invested a few hundred hours into? Or do I have to start a new game as the DLC is really a in game add on and doesn’t follow on at all but fits into the game. I feel if I can use my Henry things like the tournaments DLC will either be A) extremely easy or B) out of proportion. I mean if they increase the difficulty for people you fight in tournaments meaning the hard to beat it then makes no sense that I can clear 14 plus cumans on my own. And I also feel that if I HAVE to start a new save then that opens the door for people to complain about having to start again. This isn’t a dig or trash talking the game I honestly love it but would like that to know a little more about the mechanics


Yes, I wanna know too.


Patch 1.5. did no resolved the accouterments problem


And as a follow up to my last question will DLC be covered by something like a season pass, so 1 payment will cover all future 2018 DLC or will they all be a individual price?


We don´t plan a seasons pass, sorry.


Nothing to apologise for, it was just a I wonder moment and any update on my other question? :slight_smile:


I agree that historically it makes 100% perfect sense for the rebuild to be Priby… and not Skalitz. However, in the story the game is telling, it makes 0% sense for Radzig to assign Henry to rebuild some random village when Skalitz is still a smoking ruin.


Skalitz and Neuhof are in different timezone. Pribyslavitz is present.