DLCs and higher backer tiers

I am not really sure I follow so I would appreciate it if someone could clarify this. I backed the King tier during the Kickstarter campaign because I wanted to show my support for the project as well as “get the complete package”. With there soon a paid DLC coming out (and more to follow) I have been wondering as to whether any backers that went for one of the higher tiers will be receiving them for free or if they are paid for all backers, regardless of tier.


from what I read backers ( no class mention) will get DLC for free.
Us lesser nobles will have to tithe to the king.

Check Kickstarter page update here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1294225970/kingdom-come-deliverance/posts/2177130?ref=backer_project_update

I missed the Kickstarter but backed the project during beta what about people like me? I was too unser the impression I aas getting a complete package.

I’m curious about this too. I just finally downloaded the game was about to start playing, but noticed that I have none of the DLCs and it seems I have to pay for them. I’m a DUKE level backer too. So, do we or do we not get the DLCs?

Hello. In terms of DLCs, all Backers are equal.
Every backer got the “Threasures of the Past” DLC for free, which was a Preorder Bonus for Preorder on Steam. But it doesn´t show up directly at the Start of the game. You will just see it, if you will find Treasure maps in your Chest at Miller Pesheks house after you got to Rattay.
As a Backer, you will also get the two Movies, Making of Kingdom Come and Combat Academy for free, as well as the last Major DLC “a Womans Lot”.

Then there will be some Free DLCs for everyone. This will be Hardcore mode, Tournament and Mod support.

Then there will be DLCs which need to be bought by everyone.
From the Ashes, the Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon, and Band of Bastards.

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