DLCs are Screwed


First of all in From the Ashes, you can’t get the Sinew Bow, loads of posts online about this, but devs don’t give a toss.]

Now in the Tournament I can’t progress after beating my second opponent, all I get is a black loading screen and the game freezes.

Fellas this is bollocks, how can you ask for votes or even more money if you can’t sort out present issuers??
I feel like demanding a refund


What response did you get from WH support with the ticket you submitted?


Just ranting doesn’t solve anything.

Better yet, you could share your save game with devs so they can look further about your issue.

Some of us here in the forum are willing to take a look sometimes.

But beware, if you killed an NPC related to that second tournament or did something that blocked you, it is not a bug.

Many storyline “bugs” people complains, are not really bugs, but bad playing or previous actions. Yes, the devs could make some necessary NPC’s unkillable or dumber so you don’t lose reputation when they see you robbing or doing something not allowed but many middle to advanced players won’t agree. We take that challenge. Many have played the tournaments with no issues after 1.7.1 patch, after epilogue, before epilogue, no difference.

Just one note, I’m playing with PC. Can’t talk about Consoles.

I totally agree with you that we want the Sinew Bow back again. Patch 1.7.2 didn’t fixed that. I have reported it to the devs long ago too. However it doesn’t make my game unplayable, that bow was a bonus and I’m fine with some weaker bow while it is restored.


Nope, I didn’t kill anyone or even hit them after they have surrendered as that would end the tournament. It just kept freezing on the loading screen after beating the second fighter, so i don’t get to fight the third one.
yes I have sent in my save files