Do Backers have the DLC for free?


Do us backers get any of the DLC for free? Such as if you introduce a kickstarter pledge as a DLC like playable female character or something.


Warhorse are excellent like that.

Just wanted to clear that up, I remember vaguely when I donated that they would. Just wanted to make sure they still held this and aren’t as flippant as some of our politicians xD

Yes, I can confirm, that the DLCs with the content of the Kickstarter Stretchgoals will be for free for Backers.
This is the “A Womans lot”, “The making of Kingdom Come” and “Combat Academy”

Hardcore mode, Tournament and of course Modding Support will be for free for everyone.

“From the Ashes”, “The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon” and “Band of Bastards” will be available to buy for everyone.


Please tell me that you’re immortalised in the game @DrFusselpulli you should have the face of god for responding so quickly!

So will these DLCs require a download of new content or will it be automatically added via a patch? Just don’t want to be stupid and miss out on it!

As far as I know, they will require a seperate download, but we are not as far yet, that we could talk about details of the distribution for the fourth Patch, which should be there in the first half of 2019.

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Speaking of backers… Does anyone know if we who missed out on the kickstarter campaign will have an opportunity to get in on another round, maybe for Act III? Or has WH made enough money now? I want to be a Baron, or better…
Where do I mail my check? :laughing:

How do i become a backer? Id like to get the badge

@Kirksty you guys have both basically missed out. The titles and tiers were for backers of the original kick starter campaign as they needed to prove to their main investor that people wanted this game, so they did a kick starter to (hopefully) prove that people wanted this game. It blew up and they rocketed through all of their goals they set. It was actually pretty amazing to see all of the goals smashed to the point where they said ‘we love you guys, but seriously we can’t make more goals without taking 10 years to do it all.’

Therefore as they’ve proven they have a secure and genuinely wanted fanbase and also a secure position in the gaming industry for now, it’s unlikely they’ll have another kick starter asking for funds as they already have enough funds and have done all of the hardest parts of the game (editing the CryEngine and programming all of the combat and actions and stuff.)

TL:DR You’ve missed out and it’s unlikely they’ll do another.

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By backers do you also mean people who bought during alpha or beta? Or they do not apply?

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Well during the beta the kick starter ended if I remember rightly. So that’d be more of a pre-order purchaser rather than a backer (who helped secure the development of the game.)

You know WarHorse do actually have a department for these questions, I’d suggest you ask them as they’re officials and not just an alpha tester who has no affiliation with the company other than an undying love for them xD

As far as I remeber, you are right- the Kickstarter backing campaign ended around the beta stage…

Yes, everybody who got the game before the 17th of August 2017 on Kickstarter or on our Homepage is a backer of our Crowdfunding campaign.
Everyone who got it after the 17th of August 2017 somewhere else is not a backer but a customer.

well that sucks. i think i should get my badge for having over 800hrs gameplay anyway. :slight_smile:

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Which DLC will finish the story? or do we need all three paid for game add ons?

The DLCs will not continue with the Main story. This will be a second standalone game.

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That sounds good, will it be as big as KCD?

This information is very important, I think that you should share it officially on your next information mail as I see many people asking thios particular question.

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