Do I have the minimum (beta) requirements?


I’ve just stumbled across the website after finding a link to it (and a one hour gameplay video) on a list of upcoming 2017 games, and I have to say, it looks amazing. I’d love to get in on the beta, but I’m not sure if I can run it on either of my laptops. The only system requirements I can find are on the “get the game” page, stating quadcore CPU, DX11 compatible GPU, 8GB RAM, 20GB HDD space, and Win7 x64. Are there any more specific requirements than that? For example, my day-to-day machine is a i7-4610 quad-core 3GHz, and according to DXDIAG is running DX12, but only has a stock graphics card (either Radeon HD 8690M or Intel HD 4600). I can’t remember my other laptop’s specs, but that’s a ~5 year old gaming laptop that can run Assassin’s Creed 4, just.

Any help as to whether I can run this now? I know I’ll be able to run it later, as I’m building a gaming rig right now…


Your CPU is fine, but that graphics card will struggle. I doubt you’d be able to get it at a playable rate, even on the lowest settings.


That’s what I figured… I’m happy to wait until the gaming rig is together, so I’ll just watch the development and get in when the full game is released! Thanks.


We don´t have further details about it yet, as the game is still in development, and this requirements are the ones we want to hit, but it is just to early to talk about details here.


I’m just gonna pick up this thread for myself, cause I have a similar question.

I follow this game since a long time but I never matched the requirements. Now my setup is better but I don’t know if it’s enough if it will be enough for playing this game soon.

My specs are:

Intel Core i7 950 @ 3.07GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti


Thanks for your help in advance :slight_smile:


I used an i7 2600, which was a big jump up from the 950, and it worked perfectly fine. I also used the beta on a 750 Ti, which is lower than the 1050 Ti, and managed to get 30-35 FPS on very low settings.

I would say you should be able to run it fine, but you might need to drop some settings to get the beta running smoothly. Don’t expect more than 30-35 FPS even on the best equipment from the beta. The final release should run a lot better, but we don’t have that yet to say what it needs to run at what frame rate and settings.


Let me jump right in this, can I run this smoothly at least? We dont know the minimum specs…

AMD A8-7600 R7, 10 computer cores 4c+6g (4 cpus) 3.1GHz w/ AMD Radeon R7 Graphics