Do I HAVE to commit to a minimum amount of time when playing?

I’ve liked the look of this game since it was first released back in 2018, but one thing that has up until now prevented me from buying it is its save system. I don’t know much about how it works, but from what I’ve read it seems that it’s not really the kind of game where I can load it up for 10-15 minutes at time when I’m bored or waiting for a program to start on TV, etc. Whilst I DO have periods of the day where I can dedicate solely to playing games, there are other times when I either can’t or don’t want to commit more than 10-15 minutes or so. Usually games I play have a manual save system, or a quicksave where I can play for a short while and then quickly exit when required, but from what I’ve seen online it seems that I’m going to HAVE to commit to playing for a lengthy time whenever I load it up due to the save system.

Is this really the case or is there a way to play the game for only short periods of time and being able to save without losing all my progress? I know there’s specific drinks or potions, but I don’t know how readily available they are, whether they’re expensive, and whether they only appear later in the game or not. I guess they’re quite rare, so it’s not like I’ll have a massive abundance of them to just use whenever I want right?

There is a save and exit feature, which allows you to save and quit there and then. So if you need to quit for whatever reason you can.

So it’ll save exactly at the point I’m at in the game when I exit, with no specific requirements? If this feature was always available, I don’t understand why people have had such an issue with saving and having to always buy/craft those special save potions.

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It came out as an extended feature about a month after the game released, due to high demand. Definitely a great improvement for those of us who can’t guarantee that life won’t interrupt.

Because that is what you have to use if you want to save and continue (without restarting the game).

Personally, I don’t find it too bad, but then I usually forget to save often anyway. Also, while the potions are fairly expensive to buy and a bit tedious to craft at the start of the game, it’s quite easy to stock up on them later. So nothing to worry overly much about unless you’re a compulsive save scummer :wink: .

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Are you a console or a PC player?

You get them at the “tutorial” village after finishing main quest, then more throughout the game as well, sometimes as loot. There’s plenty if you play 2-3 hours and save. Sometimes you get autosaves for free or you quit and save and return to it, however your save will be overwritten once you save again, so it will be your temporary save. While autosaves are maybe up to 10, then they also overwrite. So if you just played with autosaves till the end, you wouldn’t be able to load the one from the “tutorial” village.

If you plan to play 15 minutes per session, you might want to install unsupported mod for unlimited saving or commit yourself to one “save slot” per save and quit. If you ended in a bad spot you would still have to save on your own, if e. g. you wanted spare life of that essential guy or not rob that village because your reputation would drop.

Yeah, savior schnappses are pretty expensive for start. You can afford less than 5, then more and more, however you might need money for upgrading your equipment, horse and repairs. And those things are even pricier.

You can mod some files too… there’s an easy guide for that. Just saying if it becomes too gamebreaker for you.