Do weapons have speed and reach stats?

Do attack speed and reach exist as hidden stats for weapons of the same type in this game? I’m not talking about for example longsword vs mace, I’m talking about one mace vs another mace or one longsword vs another longsword. Is it known if hidden stats exist for weapons at all?

I think combat skills effect weapon speed, but not by much. Not sure on the weapons themselves. I guess they would have some hidden stats such as swing speed. The only way to really find out is to try each weapon and get a feel for it. Unless someone can look into the game code?

Aside from the weapon skill , (Mace 15} for example would unlock perks, warfare skill, is all around weapon proficiency , Vitality is endurance meaning how fast you recover from a strike and stamina amount and regeneration speed. Defense is of course how well you block and counterstrike, When you put them all together, it determines your attack speed, strength of your strike, recovery and block, accuracy of your strike all around DPS, if that exists in game being you never see your enemies healthbar or level. To the best of what I figured out so far but… doesn’t matter in random encounters , even at max skill and stats, I’ve been ripped apart by overpowering enemies, one gets you in a clinch, while 4 beat you from behind with hammers and polearms and your HP drops in seconds, I think its more about tactics than skills, spreading out your enemies and chewing them up one by one before they have a chance to regroup.