Do you have to rebuy KCD if you want the Royal Edition?

So I just saw Royal Edition on the store page and I want to know if I can get the Royal Edition for cheaper without the base game. Since I already have the base game I just want the bundled DLC from the Royal Edition. I’ve already put in like a hundred hours and I’m about to put in like a hundred more with a second playline that’s a bit more cough honorable. I just don’t really see the need in having two copies of the game.

If you own it on Steam, click to finish your royal edition bundle. It should give you discount on parts that you still do not have.

It’s 71 to complete my collection and 40 for the royal edition, so I would be better off just getting another copy of the game.

The last two missing, worth 18.98 €
I can also buy the Royal DLC for 24.99 € oO

Then the problem is in the steam pricing, cause this is not normal. But more people complained about this. So maybe wait a while.

You can buy just DLC Royal Bundle for 19.99 € on Steam, without main game. Here it is.

How’d you find that cause it’s nowhere on the store page and I can’t copypasta it into the Steam app

Click on one of the DLC’s in Steam (for example Woman’s Lot) and scroll a little bit down, you will see “Royal DLC package” there.