Dodging attacks

So i’ve reached a part in the game where you are supposed to train with some Bernard guy.
And im supposed to be able to dodge his attacks. The problem is that they game doesn’t tell you how. For all the other things i did they showed me buttons to press, but for this part there is no info at all.

Playing on PC btw

It told me on my game… are you paying attention?

You just need to use the directional keys just as they begin their attack.

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It just says “Move at the right time”. Im pressing the move controls and it worked 2 times for some reason and now it doesnt work at all

so it did tell you?

Yeah i guess. I somehow managed to do it now. I thought it would tell me more specifically how i would do it.

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You have to time it pretty much as you time parry - when he backswings.

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Yeah it does give little information… i find you have to watch the screen at all times and dont skip dialogue.
I don’t think they wanted the game to be like that. holding your hand. a lot of things i think you have to find out for yourself.

glad you managed it :slight_smile:

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It contradicts itself. At the beginning of training he tells to always keep moving. Except that if you always keep moving how do you dodge? You can’t unless you stop moving, then move again at the right time. :stuck_out_tongue:

The abusive method to do master-strikes, perfect blocks, and dodging is to simply spam the activating button like you have parkinsons.

Try it. I like the ideas of timed actions, but not the implementations.

I find it ALOT harder to dodge than parry, I can parry pretty much 100% of the time, but can NEVER manage to dodge… :frowning:

One importatnt aspect of dodging is that it depends on your armor and load (at least it would appear so). try fighting bernard while fully loaded and wearing heavy armor, and try the same while not wearing anything. you can get the timing right much easier that way.

Just keep watching his sword. Keep your eyes on his sword, not on the reticle in the center of the screen. He will clearly “telegraph” the attack, i. e. will move his sword backwards before striking. At that moment, when he just starts to “telegraph”, press your movement key. Actually, if you mastered the perfect block this shouldn’t be hard at all. It’s all the same, you just press a movement key instead of the block key.