Does Reeky get killed if you bring him to Rattay

Does Reeky get killed or hanged, if you bring him back to Rattay?

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Brought him there, Hans killed him. Quest failed.

that’s unexpected. what’s his beef with reeky?

I brought him there but nothing happened and there was no mention of it. But he remained in the cell the whole game. Mine was probably bugged.

He went into a cell, and then late game I was doing a quest with the executioner in Rattay and had to read the Black Ledger Chronicle thing, and I saw his sentencing and what happened to him. He lost an ear and that was end of his sentencing.

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Should I ask? Ok, I will… How did you get the little bugger to Rattay?

Asking the same here, isnt he supposed to die because of the beatimg grunt and his thugs gave him ? Or im thinking on someone else ?

Well, I had high enough speech skill to convince Father Godwin to give me Limpy Lubesh’s information without partying with him, so I convinced the thugs that he was with relatives in Rattay or Sassau or something…felt sorry for the butcher family I sent them after, but whatever.

Then Reeky gave me the information I wanted, and in exchange for giving a word on his behalf, came with me and then it simply showed me and the bailiff putting him in a cell.

I think this is one of those quests that can change dramatically based on how we play it.

Every time i find Reeky he is half dead in a cave, unless you are refering to Timmy

Maybe. I get their names mixed up.

Ahhh. I think it must be Timmy you meant,then. I also sent the bandits to Rattay and killed the one they left behind with me. Couldn’t talk Timmy into doing the ‘right’ thing, but didn’t have the heart to kill him, either. Damn sister of his I gave my word to… You know.

Well, I’m in the middle of my second playthrough and I just met Reeky again. Took him to Rattay. Turns out this quest is timed. Wait too long and the bandits will find him before we do. My first playthrough I found him dying in his hideout. This time I took him to Rattay.

I guess I’ll find out what happens to him later in the game.

I know this is old. Just wanted to say this quest is timed. If you get to him fast he is alive bc you beat the bandits there.