Does stab damage really benefit a mace?

Would the higher stab damage be a good reason to for example choose a Raven’s beak/Heavy Warhammer over a Bailiff’s/Ceremonial mace? Or would it be better to stick the the higher raw blunt damage of the latter two? Does the stab damage stack with the blunt damage or is that just when performing the stab attack?

Yes pick stab, the reach of stab attacks is usefull.
You get far more stab for a few blunt points and can now stab people is the face for quick kills.
there’s both combos that have stab and master strikes that have a stab or three in them.

I don’t think it is very useful to use mace for stabbing, besides it is short so you use it only in close quarters. I use mace for swinging onto head for crackhead ability activation. I did not really fight much with Warhammer,. The only weapon I find fit for stabbing seems sword (unless you found a spear).

context is important. stabbing w mace is ok to get an NPC out of your grill and to start a chain of attacks. outside of those situations, raven’s, ceremonial, etc. aren’t effective stabbing weapons. if you want to stab, use stinger. it’s not as fancy (aesthetically pleasing and technically challenging) as the longsword, but it’s as deadly as anything out there in KCD. managed to 1 stab kill Runt with a stinger stab in hardcore

beyond that, stabbing without the rabbit attack perk is underpowered

Yes, it does. It’s the equivalent of smashing somebody in the face with brass knuckles while holding a roll of quarters. It’snot deadly but it’s very effective in stunning an enemy so you can properly smash him with the follow up.

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