Dog from the Charlatan Quest Line won't actually howl


So, I’ve reached the point where I need to learn how to bark. After checking every dog in the village, I found a video about the dog itself, finally hearing it for the first time and seeing where it was. I tried playing around with a bunch of saves in the area, but the dog still won’t howl. If I find it, but don’t interact with it, it plays the howling animation, but with no sound. Henry can talk to it just fine and “learn” the howl, but with each end of the “use” option, the dog twitches in place. I can only assume this has something to do with some bit of code not triggering properly, or something.

I’m pretty new here, so any advice about what to post, or what to add onto this post is welcome. I assume one of the first things I’ll be told is to upload the save/saves. Will patiently wait for a reply!