Don't bother on Console

I should have got this on PC but tried it on the PS4. It was a mistake. Without the mods, the game is frustrating and not enjoyable. The whole mission of den and vipers and all others after it are a mess. I can say I happily purchased the game but the days of Developers actually finishing games are over. Sad but that is how the market works. Oblivion console wise is way better than this and it is not even close. If you’re thinking about buying this game on console, save your money. And I wouldn’t purchase any future games from this developer as well unless it is PC. They obviously don’t have the ability nor the incentive to polish console games.

It’s your own mistake. Such games are meant to play on PC. Consoles are not for complex open-world RPGs with tons of texture streaming, vegetation rendering, particles, physics and mod-support. Consoles are weak and the controls are bad. PC is the only true gaming platform.

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It’s a good job those are just your opinions. What you find frustrating, others may find enjoyable. If the game is that frustrating and unenjoyable then don’t play it.
Why should anyone take you seriously when you say Oblivion a way better game.

Sickening Fan Boy here~ Been playing KC:D since release on a vanilla PS4 that i purchased just for this game.
I’ve seen others complaining of issues w/ PS4 play for 18 months now, and as I’ve posted elsewhere, I must be the A-No. 1, Most God-Damned Lucky A-Hole in the world, but I’ve only had a tiny fraction of the issues some others have seen.
Warhorse can’t even explain the extremely varying range of issues some see and some don’t.
I think the developers have done a fantastic job on this game, as well as correcting issues w/ semi-regular updates.
So - I have to disagree - yes, bother on console. I know others in the real world who agree.


Other than the terrible texture pop-ins in big towns, the game runs just fine on my regular PS4 and it also looks really beautiful. During my first playthrough I rarely got any game-breaking bugs or crash, and if I did they already fixed them in the latest patch. Right now on my 2nd play with the DLCs the only problem I have is the crash in BoB, that’s all.

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When you buy a game that’s advertised as fully released. You shouldn’t expect major, gamebreaking bugs nor should you expect others to say that you shouldn’t have bought it on a particular platform and that you have no one else to blame but yourself for playing this buggy mess.

Corporations like EA would love to have apologists like Chessqueen and Aflicted guarding their forums from any unsatisfied customer. Unfortunately, fanboys dont do much to improve their beloved game. When they constantly defend the devs and the flaws then they’re sending a message saying everything is fine. They expect nothing better. Then when their game does get better not once do they thank the critics and those who provide meaningful feedback for improving their beloved game.

Before woman’s lot/royal edition, KCD was fine on PS4. Outside of mods and patch cycling, PC offers nothing qualitatively different. Played on both.

Exactly. Hopefully woman’s lot/royal hasn’t irreparably broken console performance

I’ve only ever played it on a PS4. The pop-in was bad at launch and it crashed a few times but there were no game-breaking bugs for me.

I have around 500 hours playing time on console and loved every minute of it. Only issue here is the BOB dlc crashing after a cutscene and it’s a known issue with a fix on the way. I have to agree with you about console they WH do a great job all around

Only 1 mod is needed and that is the unlimited save mod. So I don’t think it would be much different on console. I use a controller on PC and have had a decent experience from the time I have played.

In the beginning I had several game breaking bugs that set me back several hours. So I let the game sit for some months and then got back into it and most of the major issues seemed to have been fixed. Also at the time most of the bugs people were experiencing was caused by mods.

I havent’t played KCD in some time though.

I play this only on Xbox and I love it.

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