Download issue , slow download

Hey guys. I just started the download at the launcher a few minutes ago, and i have a Problem.
Normally my download-speed is about 10-13 Mb/s , but at the launcher i dont get about 3 Mb/s. Mostly im at 200-500 kb/s, but its changing all the time and sometimes I get Crashs like “Not able to download essentially Install-files” or something. Or the whole download freezes for a couple of minutes before it is continueing.
Is there anything i can do about it to increase the download-speed ? I have not toooo much time today and dont want to wait 5-6 hours to finish the download.

Thanks for every reply!

Hello and Welcome @lasseL,

Sometimes it’s possible to get a slow Download Slot from the distribution Servers. A simple restart of the launcher will do the trick…

Yeah I already read this in the existing thread, but it dont work. I restarted the laucher a couple of times now , and the Speed keeps insaly low. At the moment 20 - 50 Kb/s! Im not sure if i can play this game today, and because its just 6,7 GB downloadable content , it is really frustrating… :frowning:

Update :A hour after i buy the game , and after 5 restarts of the launcher , im currently at 7 MB / 6,7 GB :disappointed:

Hi there,
Most probably we wont be able to do anything. As @Urquhart says there just might be something between your PC and servers which block the download speed, and thats something neither we nor you can do anything about.

Restarting should help or trying to download it some other time.

I have asked our Launcher expert about the “Not able to download essentially Install-files” issue, but thats all I can do for now.

Hey Proky!

Yeah thats all fine , but , for example, my downloads at Steam wich I started for checking if my Internet is down or something , is working completely fine. I started to download Skyrim for testing purposes, and the average speed was by 9 Mb/s.

Well , what do you guys mean exactly with restart ? Downloading the launcher-file from the website and start again ? Or cancel the download in the process and restart in the following window ? Maybe my fault is located there ? :no_mouth:

Server from withc you are downloding Skyrim is different one that for our Launcher. So those two donwload speeds are not connected.

Just shuting down the launcher window and starting it again.

This is the Message i get after a few minutes after i started the download. I can continue, but after a while ( in wich the download is mostly freezed) it apears again.

Okay , is it possible that the speed four your launcher increases in the night ?

I made the example with Skyrim to check if my internet or router is the Problem. But okay , i will try it again and again.

Don’t worry with this speed you will play the release in 2017 before you have downloaded the Beta, see things positive :wink: