Drinking with Boguta father (bold priest) must be split out from the main quest

Here’s what i mean by that.

This episode was good - really well designed, but what is worst thing about it? I never saw it during my walkthrough! I just successfull convinced father Boguta during my interrogation and missed such a great pile of story.

Only a times after i saw this episode on YouTube, but was too far from passed saves to replay my decisions. Isn’t this stupid a little? Such an excellent cutscenes and dialogs which player may not to see at all just because he tried to do things right from the start!

I think, WH should add additional quest or activity in afterward story which gives players a chance to replay this drinking episode (with minor scenario changes of course). Guess I wasn’t the only one who may missed it that way, so I want to replay it by now in my own store. And no, i don’t want to replay whole game even for this amazing drinking party :C

Is here someone who agreed with me about that?

p.s. Sorry for my broken english :frowning:

That is the purpose. There are many ways you can go through game and many quests like this one that you simply don’t go through because you chose different path.

The idea is that when you replay it in a different way, you have different gaming experience. Or when you talk with your friends each of you have various stories to share.

That makes the 70 hours gameplay really 140 or 210 hours gameplay, depending on how much you dig into it.


I agreed. But main story is too straight for such losses. This is role playing game and that’s mean you could pass it by many ways but exactly this drinking party was too damn good for cutting it out at all, no matter such a way player may choose! It’s really-really unfair to not show this episode for everyone.

Besides, it contain some real history information about Jan Hus.

There are many achievements which forces you to play again because many of them are blocking each other (even this one). It absolutely depends how people play and act and I like this much more than to be able to get everything from the game in one playthrough and I really love the way how game serves the possibilities of multiple quest endings on every quest. So, this and many others quest endings guarantees a replayability! And I am looking forward for my next playthrough :slight_smile:

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On the other hand, when you decide to not drink with the priest during that part of story, once you go back during Tahlberg siege (much later) he nevertheless acts as if you drank whole night. That was slightly Immersion braking.

I doesn’t end main quest yet, so can’t say, but it seems, that this drinking should by the only right way to get information in first scenario plan. Option to avoid it must be add in game later, for ability to get “Virgin” trophy, which sad actually :frowning:

Looks like a scenario error in this light.

why do you play such a great game only once and then watch lps on yt? its made for a several time playthrough. So next time just try to master it as a drunkard and I bet you will explore more “hidden” cutszenes than that one :slight_smile:

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I don’t like replaying games or rereading books just because i get most expression during the first ride. Because of that i like to aced all quests and such a things in my first walkthrough as if it was the only single try.

Who knows, maybe WS made saves transfer for their future games, as it was in Mass Effect series.

I pursued the story without drinking with him… But I recall slight desperation there :slight_smile:

I will take week or two off (at least until the big patch) and then I will replay.

It is not a scenario error and it is not the only option. It only starts when you are speaking with the people in the city and they tell you about they saw him with the priest. If you dont drink with him, you have to get that information elsewhere as if you didn’t followed the lead given from the people. Not a scenario error.

Maybe not, but definitely the best way to get needed information.

Weeks - isn’t enough for all patches, i think it takes a mounts to fix most of stuff.

I heard that there will be no follow-up plot DLC

Game had planned three acts, this is only the act one and two.

I admit my play was without major bugs and so I have my faith in the second, especially post patch. YMMV

Okay I can understand your concept of expieriencing things, but you must also see that the intention of WH is not to have a game for a single walkthrough.

Thats a little bit like you would ask if they could implement laserswords. Yeah some ppl would enjoy it, but the concept of KC:D doesnt allows it

No, follow-up story into the second

Not that fantastic as i see. My concerns was only about one big-little story inside some bigger story, which could be unpainfull split from the matherquest. And the idea of such split came to me from different YouTube person.

yeah I just wanted to say, that its not a mistake by the dev like “oh yeah, we didnt paid enough attention to understand how cool this drinking thing would be to be available to everyone” its really designed that way.

But, again, I understand your point too.

Question: Do you remember those books (for teenagers) where you had to make a decision and then go to a page that was meant to fit your choice?
If you do remember them: Did you read them only once too?


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I just found a solution :D. You have to get as much drank as possible so your charisma stat is almost none, take off your clothes and Bohuta won’t answer your question, unless in the evening in the tavern, with a glass of wine.