Drunk and playing KCD

Is it just me or is it particularly difficult to play this game whilst drunk IRL?
Whether your fighting one enemy or hunting a hare at close range with the Wild at Heart perk.

And I shall add when drunk IRL and in game it is basically hardcore mode…

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Did you try to play drunk in RL whilst being drunk in game on hardcore mode against Runt?

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No I haven’t even tried hardcore mode because the game is already pretty hardcore…

Not really. At least not for me. I wanted to replay whole game in hardcore but then I got stuck even on the trivial quests or failed them and previously had no problem. But normal mode feels like medium difficulty to me in respect to other games. Maybe some quests are harder than others but generally speaking it is simple to proceed in game, even if there is some challenge, you can find a way around.

Have you considered…Being drunk RL to be the real hardcore mode?
That seems to me the only way to be as dumb as AI

I do not know about you guys, but I do not get dumb when I am drunk, I only lose my body coordination and situational awareness.