DXGI device hung error -2019

potřeboval bych pomoci s errorem “DXGI device hung error”, který mi hraní jinak super hry dosti otravuje. Hra padá v libovolných momentech extrémně často. Někdy už v menu, když nechám hru chvíli běžet bez “dozoru”. Už jsem prolezl kdejaké fórum,vyzkoušel x věcí, ale zatím bez úspěchu.

Zakoupil jsem hru v Royal edici, steam verze.
PC I5-8400, RAM 16GB, GK AMD Nitro+ RX 580 8GB, Win 10 Pro.

Většina odkazů na tento problém je staršího data a tak doufám, že se ví něco nového. Zkoušel jsem několikrát reinstalovat drivery GK - zkoušel jsem jak ty starší, tak nyní ten nejnovější. Nastavil jsem grafické detaily dle https://www.gamingscan.com/best-settings-for-kingdom-come-deliverance/. Stále bez nějakého pozorovatelného efektu (Jen teď hra vypadá hůře).

Verze hry - 1.9.2 - 404S

Prosím o pomoc. Díky


Things you should check:

  • Power supply strong enough ?
  • Mainboard Bios Ver up to date ?
  • Mainboard OC CPU and Memory are set to default Settings ?
  • GPU OC Settings are set to Default ?
  • Check your GPU temps.
    If these setting are checked and set without any changes on your issue you can try:
  • reduce your gpu Clock and memory clock about 5-10%

Thank you for reply.
My Power Supply is EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G3, I hope that this is OK.
I do not like to play with OC, so everything is in default state.
Temperature of my system right now is 39°C. after hour of gaming it is 45°C.

Another shot:
Two weeks ago, I disabled virtual memory in WIN10, but nothing had changed after that.

Did you try downclocking your gpu? With MSI Afterburner……

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I would say this, too, or just don’t OC. When I OC my GTX- 1080, it crashes to desktop or I get some weird errors or “file missing” messages as if DX wasn’t installed, although it is. Reinstalling GPU drivers using “clean” method can help as well. I think he’s pushing that PSU a bit far though. I had an RX-480 before this 1080, and I used to see over 400w from the wall… and sometimes 500w.

This happens when I OC my GTX-1080, even a little… but you have a different GPU and you say it’s stock. I had an RX-480 before the GTX-1080 I have now. I keep a power meter on the wall outlet and the PC is plugged into that. When the RX-480 was installed, it was pulling upwards of 500w from the wall when gaming. I don’t know if the 580 is any more efficient, but getting close to the limit of a PSU is asking for it, and remember, it’s not just power draw exceeding limits that will trip one of these… it’s heat. So hovering around the limits for a long time can trip one of the rails. I would try another PSU, preferably a good 650w+, or get a more efficient GPU, like I did. I bought a GTX-1080 off eBay for a bit over $300 USD, and they’re even cheaper now, and the power draw went way down. Now, it uses under 300w while gaming, and performs a lot better stock than the 480 did OCd. I would try the following in this order, testing after each…

  • Clean install of Radeon drivers, don’t OC.
  • Reinstall game, including DX & VCredist.
  • Try under-volting GPU.
  • Try another PSU, preferably a 650w or better, with decent name brand (Your EVGA is a good brand, but I think it’s a bit small for RX-580)
  • If all else fails, try a different GPU. (I know how that sounds, but sometimes you just need to bite the bullet. Get a cheap, used 1080 and get better performance for much less power.)

Downgraded by MSI A. about -10% It is much much better. But sometimes sh*t happens again. But helped a lot.

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LG25 - Is it normal for you to change PSU because of one game?
No other game does this error…

You ignored everything in front of it, including don’t OC your GPU, drivers, DX / VC, undervolting… and TRY a different PSU if you can. I listened to your request for help after translating from Czech, and I didn’t hear you say “it only happens in one game.” I did say it happened to me, but ONLY when I OCd my GPU. Maybe you didn’t intend it, but your response sounds a little smarmy.
Here’s your OP translated from Czech to English…
I would like to help with the error “DXGI device hung error”, which plays me otherwise awesome game quite annoying. The game falls extremely often at any time. Sometimes in the menu when I let the game run for a while without “supervision”. I’ve gone through any forum, tried x things, but so far without success.

I bought the game in the Royal edition, the steam version.
PC I5-8400, RAM 16GB, AMD Nitro + RX 580 8GB, Win 10 Pro.

Most of the references to this problem are from an older date, so I hope something new is known. I tried to reinstall GK drivers several times - I tried both the old and now the latest. I set up the graphic details by https://www.gamingscan.com/best-settings-for-kingdom-come-deliverance/. Still without any observable effect (Only now the game looks worse).

Game version - 1.9.2 - 404S

Please help. Thanks
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Not sure if I should give you any advice after your last response, but you’re making a mistake disabling virtual memory. I had 32 GB of RAM, and leaving it managed by Windows 10 or disabling it caused some problems that haven’t happened in a very long time since. I now have 64 GB, and left the settings the same. I have mine set as follows (set conservatively for 32 GB, and it’s very conservative for 64, but works very well.)
(Set to Custom)
Initial size = 8000
Maximum Size = 28000