Dxgi_device_hung error w/datalogs

Was really hoping to play this game but it crashes every 20 minutes. I attached logs from msi that I took during the crash to see if anything spikes when it happens. The crash is at roughly 19:54. I’ve only ever tried the game at lowest settings. I would be willing to upgrade my graphics card for this with black friday coming up but i can’t be sure that will fix it. I’ve also thought about downloading the perpetual save mod and just dealing with the crash every 15 minutes but i figured i would reach out to the forum to see if anyone sees an obvious bottleneck in my system. I tried underclocking a bit but to no avail. I haven’t tried reverting to older drivers; i wouldn’t know when to revert to as this has never worked for me. Nvidia released it’s KCD optimization drivers sometime in 2017 i think but you’d think that would help the game run smoothly… I also attached a gpu data sheet the Nvidia software outputs.
Can anyone confirm that my gpu is causing this issue? Any ideas/solutions?
gpu is a gtx-680 (only 2gb i believe) (default clock)
cpu is i5 7600k
8gb ram


NVIDIA System Information 09-24-2019 21-02-48.txt (1.2 KB)