After passing the very first cut scene and the rolling of the credits I noticed a small performance drop. I’m talking so insignificant that it couldn’t be detected without help from the task manager.

I made contact with support, I sent them this email with no response…
(Edit got a response today)
This is an error I keep receiving when playing the game, after a little time playing the game it will freeze then it makes this error pop up. I am unable to make the game respond after receiving the error message and I am forced to close it down and restart the game hoping that I saved just before hand… (Never do).
If there is anything at all you guys can do to help me PLEASE let me know because I truly love this game and I would love to be able to experience it without relaunching it ever 15 to 20 minutes…

Now I was able to find some tutorials that helps fix this issue however before it would make the error message pop up but now my entire system freezes and I have to reboot my computer over a stupid game! I am hoping since the support team is unable to help me then maybe this forum community can.

Still having this problem? IF yes, let me know, im willing to give some advices. I had the same damn problem, and fixed it. But unfortunately there is no simple solution for everyone, so its gonna get a bit time to test things.

I have not exactly found a fix, I changed out my GPU and it did seem to fix the issue but the new GPU I got from newegg is a peace of crap and yeah long story short I had to RMA the same card 2 times and now Im just getting a new one (other than that one) to fix this…

I will keep you updated if I am able to fix this over all issue.