E Bug lock pcking

Hello, i play kc on pc, gtx 1060, updated driver, no mods.

When i want to turn the locker with letter d i just barely cant.

Anyone has or had same issue in past ?


First, u have to find the yellow ball. Just tried with an old save game, no problems,

Sure i forgot to say i followed tutorial and yellow ball aswell, nothing move in this quest : pestillence

I will try to find lockpick with an old save and check.

Not a clue why it’s happened to you. It seems like some other keys are preventing you to control your character. Pestilence was a little buggy when I played it second time around but mostly considering the quest line, I remember having no access to open locked doors I opened in my first walkthrough somehow.

Sometimes i haven’t been able to find the yellow ball. save&exit always helped

I have difficulties too with the yellow ball and I didn’t know that save+exit helped with that so thank you.

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