Early 2000s RTS game (medieval time) help

I’ve been looking for a specific RTS game in early 2000s, maybe 2006 and back. I can only remember 2 specific races (arab type in dessert environment and Gaul in the jungle). The bases are given at beginning of the game with everything built in a round wall; when you seige the base, towers burn but nothing get destroyed after it is lost (winner gets the base). A base can store troops for defense and such. When units are outside the walls for too long, food run out and start losing health (can buy priest to heal but does not help) I dont remember if units can die or starvation or not. And there are mercenary bases random on the map that provide free horse units after taken by a player. The dessert type base provide troops with sickle like sword, and jungle base provide bearded troops with big ass hammers. Units can rank up by killing , gold weapon is the highest rank units can earn. thank you for the help

Do you mean by any chance Celtic Kings: Rage of War?