Email Address Change

The Email address that I used when I first created the account has been compromised, and I would like to change over to a new one for security’s sake. Is there someone that I could contact or a ticket submitter that I could use?

Sorry, I forgot to mention this. My Kickstarter email has also been changed, and I would like the account here to reflect that.

Hello, yes I can change your email to whatever you want. You can PM about it. But we will not need your new kickstarter address, just the old one from the beginning of 2014 when you made the pledge. But we already have this.

Hello, I have the same problem with my Email address, how can I change to my new one ?
What is meant by “you can PM about it.” ?
private message ? ----> how does it works ?
Thank you and greetings from germany

I send you a PM, you should se a green number in the upper right corner at your profile picture, you can open it there. :slight_smile:

Hello, I have a similar problem. The e-mail address I used back in the kickstarter campaign is not my actual address. My Account doesn’t reflect my backing and e-mails with updates about the game get send to the old address. What should I do?

I am having a similar situation to this. How do I change what I have listed?

Well, same here, I need to change my email

Please Write a PM to @DrFusselpulli the community manager. :slight_smile:

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Done, thank tou :slight_smile:

Hey, my user name was spelled incorrectly by mistake. How can I correct it. Thanks☺