Enactment of Medieval Archery in the game

This thread is not how to implement archery in the game (so it’s not a combat or gameplay topic). There are other threads to discuss this.
KC:D want to have an authentic medieval setting. But as an “historical archer” (I’m shooting a 100lbs english Warbow in typical (english) medieval style and I know a lot about the medieval (european) history of archery) i’m not satisfied with the enactment of archery in the game.

1.Medieval Bows are commonly not Flat-bows with a thicker (and inflexible) grasp.
2. Medieval Bows (in Europe) are Self-bows (usually Yew, maybe Elm) and there are always worn untight until shooting. If you don’t do this, the bow gets weaker and weaker. In a very short time (few days) the bow is unusable. So “1” should tight/untight the bow. Not only nock an arrow. (to tight a bow can be made in seconds for an experienced archer)
3. Quiver for the back are completely unknown in the 15th century. Arrows was usually worn in the belt without any quiver. Or (in a very view numbers of miniatures) they have a quiver hanging parallel at the belt in the back (both is very uncommon today).
4. The kind of shooting differs to the modern style. The archer in the alpha shoots in modern style. This style is usable for weak modern sport-bows, not good for bows over around 60-70lbs). (The archer in the alpha is not a hunter, he is a soldier. Soldiers need stronger bows)

After all the look of the archer and its bow in the alpha is hollywoodlike, not historical correct.

But after all the best known historical sources (miniatures and texts) of the 15th century shows the english way of archery. Surely there are differences between the regions. So some regional details are unknown.The Englisch Warbows are very strong (at 1403 maybe around 100-120lbs, later more). This is uncommon for the rest of Europe.

If there is interest by the developers, i can link some pictures, websites and surely movies around this topic.

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Considering the teams effort and numerous other threads covering the issue, I guess you should put forward some sources that will support your claim that the game’s portrayal of 1403 Czech bows is misleading.

Thanks @snejdarek for collecting the other topics. Makes it easier to close this thread right away :slight_smile: