Ending is a joke

Anyone else found KCD ending extremly disappointing? I was expecting Henry will at last kill Marquart in some epic way. It’s the story of revenge! And they gave us nothing. Henry don’t even find sir Ratzig’s sword! Even the last battle was nothing special. I’d understand if we knew we will get a sequel with Henry, but we don’t! We are not even sure if KCD2 comes out and in what times it will be set. (Sorry if there are mistakes. English is not My first language. I’m German)

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It’s called open ending and it makes “the bridge” to the sequel where story will continue. Don’t worry KCD2 will be made.

I know - in German we call this “Gate for season 2”. But come on! Henry’s revenge for Skalitz was suppoused to be the main plot. And they won’t even let us find Marquart? And this bloody sword. It looks like the writers forget about it at the end… It’s very bad practice to begin many stories without ending even one of them (No matter if it is movie, TV series or game)… I hope they let us know on E3.

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Yes, I know what you mean, but I’m ok with this ending, it is something that will conect next part. Not all things can be solved at once.
The thing with the revenge and sword is just Henrys personal matter, more important things happened, so Henry didn’t have a chance to do his own bussiness. For me is the main plot Sigismunds invasion, problems in the kingdom and other more serious events. The thing with the sword was just a way how to drive Henry into this.
We will kill that whoreson next time :smiley:

I’m more bothered by the quest being flagged throughout the game than the actual ending.

would’ve preferred all 3 chapters in one game, but to me, WH did a decent job in constructing the gate for season 2.

As I said in another thread: If Warhorse don’t tell us what happened to this damn sword, i fly to Prague an burn them down!!! :smiley:

Yes, the ending was a disappointment. Sadly, this is trend in gaming. It is much like fishing, the bait the hook and lure you to biting and reel you in, one sequel after another. I just hope that what ever follows will be as good as the first KCD.

KCD2 would seem a bit much to ask, I think, but a DLC would seem more fitting to complete the ending.
I haven’t finished the game, because I became disalusioned when I was accused of murdering a guard who attacked me after I defeated a Cuman camp. He came out attacking me for no apparent reason and I killed him. I didn’t realize he was a guard until I tried to loot him. When I rode into town the guards began to attack me, so I ran.
Left the game there months ago.

DLCs won’t complete the ending, it just add a new stories (quests) or features inside main game, and they also make promised stretch goals from Kickstarter in them (in the next one should be playable woman and dog companion). Henry’s story will continue in KCD2.

And for your problem… just let them catch you and go to prison. Problem solved.

I’m completely against game endings being put in DLC. That’s a proper bait and switch. If it’s ended in KCD2 fine…but a game should never hold a ‘real’ ending for paid DLC, that’s just bad.


My problem with it is this. Yeah, sure they are expecting to do the ending. But what if something happens? Then we are left forever with a cliffhanger.

It’s absolutely certain they will make a sequel, since first KCD was a huge success with big profit. Also they are now part of THQ publisher, so no problems with money. There is clear way to next KCD, so calm down.

how do they make a sequel with a character that is already maxed out.

Maybe Henry gets arrested. In a prison in a Castle. And / or is severely wounded and tortured. So he has to learn a lot again…

sure maybe the gays capture him again

Yes, or others. These are dangerous times. And there are many enemies. All over.

So having just finished it after leaving it at the siege for weeks.
Pretty weak. The cut scenes take hours and you have no real input in any of them. The only choice you seem to make in the last 1/5th of the game is do you want to end it now or play around in the world for a while more. I guess to have such good dialogs they really can leave nothing to chance. I really did enjoy the game and will restart with a different combat optimization and no secret treasures to make it more fun. Likely wait until the next DLC lands and is stable and then do another play though.

Like Spinal Tap … make it go to 21 in the sequel :slight_smile: