Ending, problem with immersion and future plans?

After a year long break, mainly because i got tired of questbreaking bugs i managed to finish the game. And as i very much enjoy the ride, must say that the ending is very unsatisfying, not only from the story point but also because you are just torn from the game in a very uninmmersive way.

So im one of those people, who try to get from the game as much as possible, especially in an open world where you can do whatever you want, it’s like some sort of simulator and i just drown in there, i take off the clothes every time before i go to sleep, not using fast travel, goes to tavern play some dice, as a master huntsman some hunting or catching poachers, visiting theresa from time to time, even if their relationship goes to nothing ekhm. etc. etc. etc…
oh, and… do some breaks in the RIGHT time in the questline.

So let me express my disappointment, when Henry and Hans drive off into the sunset… and thats it, i needed to load previous save to actually continue the rest. I still has many hanged quests in there, and what? Hans would wait for me for a few weeks? Months? Anti- immersion at it’s finest.
Couln’t we just fast forward and get back with the massage to Rattay to somehow conclude this gameplay immersion wise and especially story wise?
I don’t know if Warhorse will actually continue with Henry or just jump 100 ahead years like some people say, i thought there is suppose to be some acts what happenes to that idea?

I play just like you do, and I agree.

I have not finished the game yet, but I already know the ending is not an ending from spoilers in a YouTube video I watched a year ago.

Unfortunately I will just have to play my play through in a way where I finish EVERYTHING between the main quest “pauses” like you said before I “finish” the game. And if I want to revisit the game and have fun, just reload a save from a specific point in time.

Yeah, but the problem is that the last few tasks they give you, it’s constant rush. Go qucikly there, Borzek i waiting for you, go as fast as you can and send the massage.
I actually screwed and probably don’t have any save there… besides it’s still hanging with the main story and i don’t like it. Im gonna pretend that Hans just drifted off without me, bye Hans!

So yeah, what happened to the rest of this game, i agree to buy it without finished the story because i somehow trust you, that we will get something in a year or two, but it seems there is zero info about the rest, and i actually tought, that it would be integral part of the “first act” not some separate thing altought some mechanics etc. may use some improvements, so i won’t judge their choice by this.

Just because of this I put a suggestion for a separate game mode/user modification, where main quest is non-existant - you really are a smiths son and left alone in the dangerous world after Skalitz was razed. Survive somehow.

I just like most sidequests of the game (and number of main quests, but NOT all) and general gameplay of doing whatever you want without hurrying anywhere.

UPD. Found it. Sandbox mode (as another DLC?)

Damn, you make some good points there, i read it all. But it would be a pretty huge addition, compare it to the DLCs we get, where in From The Ashes they didn’t even bother to give us some sort of home so after spending thousands of groshen we live like some peasant with the others,only bed and a chest.
The same i fell was done with the Johanka’s questline in Woman’s Lot, where we just accomplish nothing in one of the endings that probably most of people will get. I didn’t get any of the other DLCs but it seems most of them are just half assed, where they have some good ideas but the whole thing feels rather unfinished.

That would be some kind of massive expansion, but it’s doable.
Creator won’t be needed, just tweak the Henry’s alpha face and it could be it, some freedom and nnot having a already writed protaghonist is actually a recipe for a more variety in gameplay.
let us have some home and wife, i heard in the early process it was some kind of promise but it somehow wasn’t explored further.
It feels like Henry’s having home, or wife is reserved for later, and you can clearly see that with both DLC’s i mentioned. It was a good opportunity for Henry’s having home, and having Theresa as a wife but they just blocked it brutally.
Guys, im glad that im not the only one who thinks that way…

Either way, im waiting for some kind of annoucement, really hope they fix some “simulation” issues.

Well, modding support may help with this - as far as I understand all this is just about general architecture of quests, so not so big change anyway. TES and Fallout series show that there is social order for “alternative start” modifications.

With houses it is harder, ofc, and matter of taste. I find it cosy to wander from tavern to tavern, playing dice and reading books. But could also be a DLC - as an addition to From Ashes.