Endless Loading after speaking


Hello, as title i would like to ask about the possible reason for which after i talk with Radzig at the moment to report the mission “Answer and Question”, after he asks to wait before leaving because he has something more to discuss with us, and once the discussion with Matthias in Merhojed ends (not the first time. i did the mission already, but everytime we speak with him after that moment) the loading page to return to the normal game simply doesn’t change anymore.

I hope i was clear trying to explain the situation, english is not my mother language.


Im having the exact same issue; on pc no mods


hey man, sry for the delay. I resolved with the aid of the assistance. You just have to wait till sir Radzing move and lean on the pole of the tent. Once he stand there you should have no more problems. About matthias, you don’t really need to talk to him after the mission, wait few days and you will find him roaming within the city with nothing to say ahahaha