Environmental hazards that can be used in combat

I don’t want to bring up for Honor because I really hate that game now but that’s neither here nor there I had a situation where I was in combat and I kicked the person I was fighting off of the drawbridge in talmberg.

Now what did have been great if he actually didn’t just somehow with that heavy armor magically land on his feet after sustaining a pretty good drop to the ground and being kicked off balance during a clinch wouldn’t it be great if you could actually have fire arrows or have fire prone areas where if you were to kick an opponent into maybe a fire pole or a fireplace they would catch on fire or if you were to take your arrow and rubbing up against a torch or a wall mounted torch you could have a fire arrow

Or better yet wouldn’t it be great as like the thing stated environmental hazards they would have hazards in there where if you kick somebody off of the drawbridge there’s an animation of them falling on their ass and it does a decent amount of damage as well as they can be creative there’s just natural hazards in the game all they might have to do is mocap it

I mean just think about it being on the battlements and kicking a man over the edge during combat I mean surely to God that wouldn’t take that much work and it would definitely add just a next level of immersion and we all could really partake and being real edgelords then

dont think so…to capture the animations only will be too much effort. I mean how often will you be able to kick an enemy from a bridge?! One time in the entire game i guess :smiley:

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What bridges are there even in the game that’s high enough to kick somebody from? Nevermind that realistically speaking, you aren’t going to find high surfaces in the middle ages that aren’t a complete OSHA nightmare. In fact the only one I can think of is the drawbridge at Talmburg, and you perhaps spend a minute at most on it fighting in the entire game.

Just seems like unnecessary work for the devs to create complex animations (not to mention coding, and this is Cryengine, demanding original code from somebody working on Cryengine should be considered a warcrime) for something that might happen once or twice in an entire game.

That´s not how fire arrows work. there are two ways.

  1. You take a normal arrow and a bandage. You wrap the bandage arround the tip of your arrow and you can set the bandage on fire. But that requires a crafting system and I don´t think that this is going to happen. At least not in the next few months.
  2. You implement actual fire arrows in the game. The ancient fire arrow had a litle “cage” for wool, coal or fabric (as seen in the pictures). If you buy the fire arrow it is already stuffed with the fire material and once it´s shot/used you cannot use it again (because it would require a crafting system to “reload” the arrow). If you wand to use them you have to equip them and stand next to a campfire/torch and press E (for example).
    But in my opinion they cool but to op. You could go to Rattaje, fire one arrow and the whole city burns down…

thanks guys I can always trust on you guys to piss on My Parade but the OSHA comment was f****** gold

Lulz so hard.

I still think by environmental hazards would be nice during combat they’re everywhere they can put them in the game I mean if they can do a curb stomp in the game as a finisher they can have environmental hazards and they can be creative but yeah a bridge doesn’t have to be high the point of it is I kicked him off and he landed on his feet as if I kicked him back 5 feet and he was on level ground instead of landing on his ass he defied gravity and the laws of physics because he’s superman apparently in a tin can

Put it this way it’s one of those little things that even after in-game there such a satisfying combat system that will keep people coming back for more because no matter where you’re fighting you can always use the terrain to your advantage which that we have now you can always gain High Ground you can fight 10 enemies in a narrow hallway to where they all can’t fit in and you can pick them off one by one