Epilogue - Can't talk to Hans Capon after DLC The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon

Hi everyone,

I bought the game with both DLC.

I wanted to rush the mainquest withtout doing The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon DLC, but when i reach Hans Capon to map border in order to conclude the epilogue quest, i was unable to talk to him because the questlog told me to complete this DLC before.

I have finished this DLC but now, i have no option to talk to Hans Capon in his room in Rattay to end epilogue quest.

Did i miss something ?

Thanks in advance, best regards.

Please make a bugreport to:


Thank you!

Hello !

Done :wink:

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For the record, I have the very same issue. The support (via email) replied that it will be fixed in the next patch (though that was a good while ago).

I have that same problem now too i cant end this quest

When to do the last task with DLC, where in the evening I have to go to Sir Hans, the game freezes or enters the loading screen (sneak in with Sir Hans in the beloved window)

I cant start this https://ibb.co/jgcCxkv
When i pick the dor then game crash.
I wait and it will not load anything (I waited so 1h)

Similar problem. I’ve made love potion before the quest and now creation of potion doesn’t trigger quest to continue, I have recipe, love potion, but capon do not talk to me