Error CE-34878-0


In the middle of the game shows me the CE-34878-0 I tried a lot and there is no point
The video was also attached and sent to Playstation. Is there any solution ?

help my


This error message is generic message that the application crashed. Can you describe when does the game crashes for you?


Yesterday and today unable to finish the assignment


could be an issue with the os


Cancel making the PlayStation main
The problem was solved and when he made him return his problem


Keep save files trimmed (<10)
Make sure PS4 not full
Consider deleting game and then reinstalling
Restart sys after each fatal CE error


i have the same error when playing the game after an hour later, sometimes crashed at open the map or talking to nps
It is really a pain in the ass because at the beginning you don’t have much money to buy save potions, can’t save frequently.

To be honest I really love this game because of its immense playing fun( I will follow some npc to their daily routine and see what they are doing) and the beautiful scenery Representing in the medieval age, I have read all the codex and really learn a lot from it( who knows a cow is more worthy than the land because it can produce milk and food?) really really love that much

I have hear that this game is full of bugs and it’s wise to choose the console version so, hopefully the production team can so fix this problem for our ps4 player, thanks.