Eventual VR Support


Is VR Support for this game something you have considered providing?

I understand this may be ways off but it’s something you should definitely consider if you havnt especially for HTC Vive and it wouldn’t be fair to others if I didn’t at least include the other VR platforms though I don’t have them as I feel the Vive is by far the superior one of the main 3. Anything other than Vive, Xbox or Sony can’t compare and time shouldn’t be wasted.

You of course have more bug fixes and anything else to finish first so everyone will finally have nothing or very little to gripe about.

Just imagine this game in VR and how much fun sword play would be. We would literally learn the art of sword/shield play. An actual skill could be aquired and though in the real world it may not be needed just knowing how to actually do it would be quite cool. Now that I think about it. Movies utilize skill sets like this for battle scenes. Other than that not that useful that I can but cool none the less.


This game would be even more of a mess in VR. It takes a beast of a computer to run it at medium settings at like 20-30 FPS. For VR to work properly and not make people sick, games need to run at 90 FPS+. This game would look like garbage if they cut it down that much. Not to mention that all of the simulation going on with NPCs and the world already takes a significant chunk of processing power, VR would be very hard to implement in this game.


That said, the resolution would be significantly less in VR so they might end up surprising us.


Can’t wait for all the YouTube montages videos of unstoppable puking xD


I can’t even imagine trying to ride a horse with a VR headset on. My god it will be a disaster.


That was my first thought when I got headshoted by a wall and fell off my horse xD


Not sure what kind of rig you have but mine runs perfect on max settings and is specifically made for VR as well. I seriously doubt it would be as bad as your implying. I also feel it would make the game better especially on horse and during sword fighting. Being able to do the different motions with the VR controllers rather that on a Xbox or PS4 controller would be a lot better. I see very low fps drop on my PC when playing VR titles and the graphics on some of the games are just as good as KCD without so…

With all the haters of this game at the moment I expected nothing less than comments like yours. What the harm in making it VR capable. Don’t buy the VR version. Simple as that. Especially if your rig can’t handle the load. Mine can.


I wasn’t ever saying that VR support isn’t possible and that they shouldn’t do it. It’s CryEngine which has VR support built in at the engine level. I’m just saying that based on the majority of people’s experiences, VR is going to be difficult given what a mixed bag the game has been so far. It runs perfectly on one person’s system and crappy on another. I have a PS4 so I can’t say anything from experience for the PC side of things, I can only go by what the general consensus is and what the developers have said. The developers have even said that this game is not designed for hardware that is on the market today. The 1080 Ti at stock clock has issues keeping a stable frame rate on the higher graphical settings on most systems. This is well documented. Which VR needs a steady 90+FPS to be playable. There will have to be major cuts made to what the game does in order to make that possible.

Do not just assume that I am a hater on this game. I am probably one of the biggest fanboys it has. I love this game. It is honestly the best game that I have personally played since Skyrim came out. That’s the best game in almost 10 years. That’s huge for me. I love this game despite all of it’s issues.


It would be cool…but it would be buggy as all get out. VR in general is pretty buggy

A good medieval sim like this game on VR would be dope though for sure


Of course animations would have to be changed, but this game would be so much better in VR. Reduce peripheral and shaking on horseback; add teleportation support; stabilize head movement to optimize for free look; make the combat and crossbow free and open. Just look at how Skyrim and Elven Archer handle bows and swords. The combat alone would be worth it!

ALSO, Warhorse did promise VR on the kickstarter…


This would be great, but they have to upgrade the engine to CryEngine 5 (it’s free)!!


Easy to get it ready for VR, and the market for it justifys its existence there.
But I doubt any serious team time would go to the project until public perception seems healthier.

Also another half year-year wait is another half year of ‘standard VR systems getting more powerful’.
I also think the PS4 Pro which was only really made as a method to ensure propper VR would do this game fine.
It might just seem slow and look flat.
Truly the PC version would be easy to implement and fine. And crysis sli profiles apparently work :wink:

Ive got a three year old mid range rig and run fast frames with everything set to ultra+ (except shadows).

The shadow buffer chip was something Carmack had added to vid cards from geforce 3 era onwards.
Problem was it was off chip to the main gpu core and so wasnt viable for a lot of ‘headset’ (3d stereoscopic) use when the feature first turned up.
Even last year I was surprised the number of titles whose 3d compatibility greatly improves as soon as we drop shadows…
Anyhow a lower res and nil need to antialias… 3d headsets could be made smooth enough to enjoy this game.

Heck some gamers wouldnt care about a lower framerate for this title I’d wager…


They could add VR support later. With later I mean after Act 2 got released which could support it directly. The reason is that VR technology will get improved in the next years. But first they should manage to make the game free of bugs and they need to avoid mistakes during patch development.


Not everyone gets motion sickness from VR just like not everyone gets sea sick.


VR is the absolutely greatest technical milestone in gaming history in case of immersion.
I saw an underwater demo with a shark attacking me in a cage. This was an experience!


I love using my Vive. Alot of fun experience so I agree with you. I dont use it a lot but when I do its usually been fun. I really do hope that one day they add VR support. I think a lot of people are sour on the subject because they cant afford to fork over 700 plus dollars on the technology. Others just have no faith. Hell as clunky as Skyrim VR can be at times it was pretty amazing seeing all the familiar sites in a new way.


Smack me, I would buy and pay full price again for a vr version. : )


Right. I feel the same way. This game is worth it.


The thing is KCD is first person, so VR would work very well. And if the developers don’t like VR, much players do.


I agree that first person games are perfect for VR. Maybe by the time they release Act 2 they will consider it. If enough people on the forums show support Ill bet they will. If people would just stop commenting that they dont think it will work those of us that do will have a greater chance of getting it.

I mean if you dont want it or dont think it will work, why comment at all and potentially ruin any chance for the rest of us. If people dont want it they dont have to buy it. Id be willing to give them at least a 100 dollars for VR support.