Every enemy is a riposte god

Is there a way of winning a fight that doesn’t involve cheesing opponents with bows, master strikes or high stats? 9/10 times i get into a fight, i can’t even get a hit on my opponents because they riposte everything (Not to mention those 5+ hit combos that follow it). Plus a lot of the stuff you learn about in the tutorials end up being useless, such as attacking from an unexpected angle or changing the direction of the attack. If they were just blocking and occasionally riposting, in a way that would allow you to get a hit and string up a combo sometimes, it would’ve been fine, but right now it’s just wait for the enemy to attack, master strike, loot, otherwise i die miserably. It’s so repetitive it literally made me stop playing the game. Would it be that hard to add more health to enemies and demote them from Master God-Like Swordsmen to just people who know how to fight properly? Most of the random bandits or cumans i fight are a lot harder than Runt, not just because they are strong, but because there’s usually at least 3 of them, and, because of the lock on, you can only properly fight one at a time.

So far the only time i was able to get hits on my enemies was in a fight with 4 high-level, big peener bandits that were wearing armor that rivaled my own. And i killed 3 of them in about 9 seconds!

Try reposting yourself. Wait until they attack and reposte. Then you can press on while they are staggered. You can also engage with them in a clinch and then stagger them and attack. Although winning a clinch really depends on your abilities.

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