Evil Dead - Army of Darkness


EVIL DEAD: Army of Darkness

Defend your castle from undead skeleton forces!

Other stuff:

Ride through fog-covered forests made up of dead trees, dotted with ruins.

Wander icy wastelands, climb snow-covered mountains with remains of past civilizations.

Explore huge cave systems with ancient/medieval architecture here and there.

Discover lakes with islands and water castles.

And of course conquer cemeteries and graveyards which are the bases of the undead.

except for the undead (including undead variants of animals).

The movie’s setting is just the basis.

Cemetery sieges are like castle sieges in Kingdom Come.
Every now and then the undead will capture castles of AI rulers.
(The player is able to forge alliances with AI rulers.)
They will also attack the player’s castle(s) from time to time.
Of course, encounters with enemy troops can happen everywhere in the world (random events).

When the world is cleared of any undead strongholds (cemeteries/graveyards) the player has won.

Rules for undead abilities and behavior:

  • They are able to swim

  • They must be beheaded to remain dead otherwise they will rise again after a while.

I’m not a full-fledged modder myself (I did only some minor things in the past) but I had this idea for a while now. Just sharing my thoughts.

I’m aware that this would require a huge amount of effort and work but it would be awesome if some team of talented folks could make this come true.

I you like the idea, feel free to add suggestions and ideas which you think would improve the mod.

What Mods Should There Be?

So… You want Skyrim with magic skills removed? :stuck_out_tongue:


Semi-realistic undead survival simulator should be more correct. Will you survive the undead hordes?


No potato lands.

Realistic scale and proportions.
Realistic look with a touch of undead. :smiley:
Just like Kingdom Come (realism-wise).
Plus dark and cold atmosphere.

It’s Depending on your skills, of course.
Or what do you mean?


It was just a dramatic question buddy, it wasn’t supposed to be answered.


There’s a reason why Skyrim has the scale and proportions it does, and I’m quite honestly curious how is Warhorse going to get around the very same limitations while keeping things interesting. At any rate, creating world with the proper scale is actually easier than creating what Skyrim has, soo… It would probably be also not that difficult to mod in. Still pretty fucking difficult tho.


Ok, then it seems to be a paradox because if the world is easier to create and looks and feels more naturally at the same time, why go the laborious route and take an unrealistic approach?


Several reasons, actually. Wall of text follows.
a) Good ol’ gameplay. Games like Skyrim are trying to offer player epic experience, show him a lot of different biomes, environments, cities, dungeons etc. If you had to walk 20-30 minutes at least between every point of interest, the game would not be all that interesting, forcing you to rely on fast travel much more - which in turn gives you much less initiative to explore (i. e. - most of the time, what you find is not very interesting, and you don’t really find anything dunring fast travel)

b) Detail - this actually comes hand to hand with what I said previously. A hand-crafted world that is trying to represent a big scale (in spite of being quite small) lets designers put a lot more effort into the world building itself. For instance, in Skyrim, you can find loads of little details off the trodden path - not only easter eggs, also journals hidden in treetrunks, stuff like that. The game is filled with that crap. If the world was larger, more effort would go into creating the world itself and less into properly detailing it, not to mention the fact that with a bigger world, you would not notice most of the details as they would be much more spread out.

Now there are several approaches to world building:
a) Realistic scale, freeroam (or as much freeroam as possible) - this is the approach Witcher games take, especially the first one. They put a lot of attention into few things (like the original Witcher only having one city and two tows, the second game is similar there), but they don’t give you as big world to explore. I suspect this is the approach KC is going to take - it won’t have 7 or so cities, numerous little towns and dozens upon dozens of hand-crafted ruins and tombs etc. It’s quite apparent that Bethseda can do this as well, since Fallout 3 did just that, but chose not to for Skyrim.

b) Traveling via world map. Now this allows you to keep realistic scale AND big, detailed locations as you don’t have to put much of an effort into the world itself. Fallout or Baldur’s Gate II would be good examples

c) Completely free-roam, big world. That’s Skyrim. You need to put a lot of attention into the world itself, its locations etc. etc. - sacrifice to get a reasonable quality out of these is to make everything smaller.


nahhh it would take the feel of the game away


Yes! I’d love to see a dark atmosphere mod in KC. With swamps, ruins and things like that. Also the feel of the movie Black Death.
NPCs should be afraid of the skeletons, it should be the talk in towns, and even there should be special NPCs like Inquisitors, flagetans, plague doctors, skeleton hunters and that sort of stuff.
Maybe the plague is the cause of it or is a rumour? People murder the infected because of that rumours, or they bury them in an special way to avoid them coming back.
But please, not zombies, just skeletons…


Once this mod gets under way, maybe someone should try to contact Bruce Campbell. It would be awesome if he volunteered to do some voice work.


In some way, “realistic” RPG with undeads would be awsome. Fear and panic in villages. Running into the castle to save yourself etc. :slight_smile:


Of course, it’s not Resident Evil. :wink:


no boomstick??? =|


Anyway could be a nice idea :wink:


Hello guys new user here.

I find it funny that in a game that tried to break the mold and get rid of all the fantasy stuff, the first mods ideas that people come up include fantasy. lol

Having said that i do like the idea and i imagine my castle being besieged by a army of skeletons. :smile: